Cyber Security Manager job description has priority to understand and to handle the needs of business’ project that related to computer programmers, designers system, engineers, electricians and more. The candidate is capable to reach the goals and the target of the organizations and company and capable to develop the project with responsibility.


Alex Gilbert

3990 Wind Blue Road, Litchfield Park, AZ, 85001, Phone: +1 (480) 799-9006



                                                Wichita, KS

                                                05/2016 – present

  • Capable to list down the successful jobs on the cyber security project manager resume sample
  • Ensuring the cyber-security in the company, or clients on the secured and right track
  • Work and create security responds program in details
  • Capable to choose and to select the prospective vendors and third party
  • Work the dynamic measurement objectively based on the data
  • Hand the preparation of the clients, company’s strategy and the impacts with effective date schedule
  • Take the responsibility to manage the high complex IT security system and estimate the significant risk
  • Capable to do multiple projects with estimated budges and reports data
  • Present fully approval review and task management
  • Support the program, offers service, and operate the agreements in good condition


Las Vegas, LV

09/2011 – 05/2016

  • Have high capability to take care of the data privacy issues
  • Capable to know and understand about the vendor risk management process
  • Work with techniques and tools and be responsible about the company’s project
  • Take the part of doing the monitoring of the computer operations in company
  • Handling the computer system infrastructure including creating computer security system
  • Being responsible to maintain the security tools and the security of the system technology
  • Monitoring both the internal and the external policy and ensuring both of the parties in company to work in the frame work policy
  • Monitoring the regulations including the company and industry regulations that cover health care date, credit card data and other personal information
  • Capable to maintain and take care of the risk, reduce it by working with different partner in a harmonious way
  • Capable to implement a new technology system in the company




Winslow, AZ

05/2007 – 08/2011

  • Work in team and being active to give contribution to the project
  • Capable to serve and provide complete service that related to cyber security
  • Capable to create and make protection and security for computer system
  • Being responsible to create a detection, protection, and recovery for computer system
  • Work the task of doing risk management and handling mitigation
  • Capable to involve in high risk projects with vendors
  • Do observation and complete details for examining vendors contracts and the term of service
  • Help to company to handle the contracts that under the third-party risk



                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Cybersecurity



  • Have great organization skills and can build teamwork
  • Work with professional and put details on work
  • Have leadership and capable to lead the team
  • Have excellent communication skills and mastering many languages such as Spanish, German, and France
  • Capable and have experience to meet, interact, and build communication with various clients
  • Capable to solve issues and problems
  • Problem solving and quick thinker
  • Capable to make decision in a rush condition
  • Work on time and with excellent time management
  • Can prioritize the task and do multi task at the same time
  • Can adapt to new environment very well
  • Active and give proactive suggestion to team
  • Have great understanding about IT and networking system
  • Capable to intrusion detection and risk analysis for projects
  • Always do data management and analytic of the project


cyber security project manager resume sample

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