Critical care nurse resume sample can be a good reference to help a candidate who wants to write a resume. As we know, a resume is an important and the first document that should be submitted in process of recruitment in joining with new company. As the candidate of critical care nurse, a resume will be the media to show the personal identity, so the recruiter could know who the candidate is. Then, a resume is also good in order to show the skills, achievements and experience. The three matters could be the way to claim their-self as the potential candidate. In this occasion, we will show you the sample of resume. By seeing a sample of resume, of course making resume will be easier to do.

Sample of Critical Care Nurse Resume

Vincent Mackey

61255 Membrane Cape, Philadelphia, PA. Phone: +1 (555) 716 8819


Nurse Manager Critical Care/Stepdown

Dallas, TX

11/2014 – present

  • Addressing the patient safety in the planning of performance improvement and the planning of patient safety
  • Following the established guideline for the compliance with the prevention of infection and the goals and practices of the TJC patient safety
  • Actively participating in unit and/or hospital performance better activities
  • Providing the care in the detail of environment of evidenced-based
  • Compliance with the 5 stars of standard service
  • Always delivering the exceptional service to the patients, the physicians, the guests, the co-workers, the volunteers and the vendors
  • Practicing autonomously, consistent with the standard of practice and researching based on the procedures and policies
  • Exercising independent judgment within the context of the interdisciplinary the care of patients

Nurse Manager Critical Care NICU

Boston, MA

11/2009 – 04/2014

  • Providing the care, treatment and services within the synergy model and the evidence based on practices
  • Developing and implementing a plan for the care delivery with the safety of patients as the primary goal to reach
  • Adhering to establish the hospital and the guidelines of department and protocols
  • Supporting the missions, visions and values of hospital
  • Demonstrating the commitment to the customer focused care, star service and the recovery of service
  • Reviewing the budget and assuming the responsibility for maintaining the expenses of operating at the target levels
  • Incorporating the philosophy of the department of nursing and the mission of the hospital, vision and values
  • Using and implementing the five indicators of success in designing the planning for the staff development, the delivery of care and the growth of unit
  • Performing the position in line with the satisfaction of physician, improvement of continuous performance and the involvement of community


University of California, Irvine

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Required



  • Ability to make accurate and the immediate decisions
  • Able to do the multi-task effectively and efficiently
  • In-depth knowledge of the critical care environment of the adult (about three to five years)
  • Excellent communication skills in both verbal and written
  • Great skills in interpersonal
  • Strong attention to detail
  • 4+ years in depth knowledge of the critical care of the environment
  • Detail oriented with the excellent skills in organization
  • Strong knowledge and clinical skills
  • Good skills in learning new things with the quickly understanding


Critical Care Nurse Resume Sample

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