Step by Step Writing a Critical Analysis

Critical analysis is a written paper used to examine works to determine their effectiveness. You can write a critical analysis of a novel, article, painting, film, etc. It must be written with the proper structure. So, in this article we will share you the complete guidelines.

How to Write a Critical Analysis

To write a critical analysis essay, there are some steps you need to follow. Before that, you have to conduct a critical reading first. After that, you also need to analyze the text. Then, you can start writing the analysis. For the detailed steps, let’s see the following guidelines.

You have to start it with a brief overview of the text you are analyzing. Here, you should provide the basic information of the work you analyze. It may relate to the name of the author, the title of the work, the publication date, and other relevant details. 2 or 3 sentences are enough for it.

At the end of the introduction, you will need to provide thesis statement. After you describe the argument of the author, you should include this. The thesis statement depends on your thought about the text whether you think it is failed or successful to accomplish the goal.

Next, what you need to do is to summarize the texts. The summary of the text should be one paragraph only. Here, you have to focus on the main points the texts cover and then leave out the rest. You have to keep in mind that the rest part of the critical analysis text will be the analysis.

The next section is body paragraph. It may consist of some paragraphs. It aims to evaluate one of the points of the author. If you think that the text is ineffective you should devote one paragraph to each reason why it is ineffective.

There are some topics that you can use to decide what to cover. One of them is organization. Besides that, it also relates to the style. Then, the topic should also include effectiveness. The next topic can be fairness or bias. Last, it relates to appeal to a specific audience.

Then, you can continue writing the essay by providing evidence from the work to support the analysis you make. Here, you can use quotes, paraphrased sections & summaries. Keep in mind that you need to check for details on how you include the cite sources.

Finally, you need to create a conclusion. In this last step, you have to conclude the final judgment of the argument of the author. You need to give opinion about the effectiveness of the overall text. In short, you need to explain the audiences whether the author accomplished their objectives or not.

Templates for Critical Analysis in Humanities Sample
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Templates for Critical Literary Analysis Sample

This final section should be in 2 or 3 sentences only to keep it effective. You still need to check it at least once again before you submit it to make sure that your critical analysis. Now, practice writing your own essay for any work that you want to analyze.

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