Being called for an interview job can truly enchant our feeling. This is the time when you prove your worth and get your very first salary. You must make use of this interview to start negotiating how much salary you can earn based on your skills and know-how that can be influential and supportive for the company. Ironically, things do not go that smoothly. Usually, an employee will feel unpleasant about what they get in terms of salary because it does not line up with the market value and your competency. This is where making a counter offer job comes in. if you do it precisely and accordingly, you will have your dream salary in your big pocket.

22.Counter Offer Job

What is Actually Counter Offer Job?

A counter offer job is company policy where you can renegotiate the salary that is handed to you based on what you can give to the company. In most cases, a company can also file their own counter offer to the employee if their employees get another job offer at another organization. There is also a situation where an employee might file a counter offer when they were promoted to a higher position and the salary does not worth your skill and its position. It is a good idea to make a counter offer when you know you are not just aiming for money, and but for a guarantee on how you can be significant with a particular salary.

What are the Tips for Preparing Counter Offer Job Letter?

it is the best notice that you get everything ready first before you end up bluffing your way out of the negotiation. Knowing full well what your industry, market, and company want from you will actually determine how smooth the negotiation will unfold. Here is a list of tips before writing a counter offer job.

  • Acknowledge your value and market value
  • Do research salary
  • Take your time in researching
  • Include non-benefit salary into consideration
  • You must be aware of what is more important to you. is it money or comfort?

How much should you ask for a counter offer job?

The best option in a counter offer job is to go for between 10 percent to 20 percent of your initial offer. Often time, you will somehow achieve below your counter offer. Fortunately, there is a promising expectation that you will get higher than your initial one.

Counter Offer Job Letter Sample

In writing a counter offer job, you need to pay very carefully to your determination and intention. We should be polite when writing it down. Here is an example of counter offer letter.

Dear Mrs. Swann

Thank you for offering me a promotion to be a team leader UX designer at your company. It truly is my pleasure to be given such an honor to be a team leader in your company.

Regarding the salary that you offer, I truly understand and respect your option. But I would like to know more if We can work on pumping up that salary up to $25.000 annually if it is possible. I Believe that my experience as a UX designer for 3 years will prove worthy to have $25.000 annually.

I hope we can meet as free as you can be. You can reach out to me every time by calling my number (0928374746).

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,


Aldy Prime

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