Corporate recruiter resume sample will help you to make the important document when you want to join as a new employee. As we know, the resume is the first document and it is the requirement from the company to recruit the new employee for some positions as it is needed.

Inside the resume, you are able to show who you are. Here, you could write about your personality completed by your experiences, skill and achievement. With the detail of it, of course you are able to show that you are the good candidate to fulfill the needed positions.

In this case, we will show you a sample of it. See the detail explanation below.

Sample of Corporate Recruiter Resume

Emma Isabela

51298 Zelma Underpass, New York, NY. Phone: +1 (555) 816 6279


Senior Corporate Recruiter

Alabama, US

05/2016 – present

  • Creating and maintaining the networks and sources of the qualified candidate to be used as the future consideration by developing the creative and innovative networking, especially through the social media
  • Applying the industry knowledge and best practice in order to get better improvement, especially the process of recruiting and increase the procedure of the standard operation
  • Working with the managers of hire to increase the interview process and pre-screening question in all position
  • Improve recruitment brand and reputation in the marketplace using the presence of social media, networking and the participation in the event of communities
  • Proactively developing the relationship with the key talent in order to get the top candidate during the hiring process

Contract Corporate Recruiter

Chicago, IL

10/2012 – 04/2016

  • Using direct techniques of sourcing in order to develop the strong network of the passive candidate
  • Capturing the market and the competitive intelligence from the efforts of sourcing and shares it with the organization of HR
  • Cultivating and maintaining the relationship with the groups of candidate suppliers, such as the military, DOL, community and the organizations of students including the other avenues to develop the quality of candidate and promote the brand
  • Creating the unique and creative team of management in order to get the top local talents

Corporate Recruiter

Las Vegas, US

05/2010 – 06/2012

  • Working with the departments in order to ensure that the positions will be filled by the great talents based on the guidelines
  • Establishing and maintaining the relationship with the vendors
  • Partnering with the GM business in order to support and to deliver the process of talents acquisition
  • Developing the professional expertise and applying the policies of company and procedures
  • Facilitating all steps associated with the qualified contractor and the temporary workers
  • Working knowledge of local, state and federal labor
  • Managing all process of recruitment


University of Michigan

Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources


  • Strong detail organization with the great skills of organization and the ability to prioritize and work with independent side
  • Huge ability to have working independently on the multiple projects
  • Strong communication in verbal and writing.
  • Excellent planner
  • Strong knowledge about the Microsoft Office and deep knowledge in internet researches to find the best candidate
  • Able to find innovation to make a better system


Corporate Recruiter Resume Sample

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