Corporate budget is a budgeting document used by a company or business. It is an annual budget that is used by a company in a particular period of time. It also means as a budgeting for marketing activities. Anyway, it is very important to understand how to create a corporate budget template.

Annual Corporate Budget


How to Write a Corporate Budget Template

This budget sample aims to enable a company or business to track the financial progress in a specified period. It is usually set for a year & reviewed in periods of a month, week, etc. Corporate budget must be created based on the type of business the company runs.

Budget for Corporate Department

To begin writing this document, you should make a title. For example, you can write, Corporate School Budget, Corporate Marketing Budget, Corporate Hospital Budget, Corporate Financial Budget, etc. It depends on the type of the company or business.

After that, you can start creating a table to provide the information about corporate budgeting. The table also depends on the information of corporate budgeting you want to provide. The simplest table at least consists of 3 columns that include Item Number, Description and Amount.

If you want to create a corporate financial budget, there are some key elements you should include in the document. They include Revenues, Costs, Investments, Financing, and Credit Management & Cash Flow.

After you describe or state all the corporate budgets, you should fill the amount of each on the column available. Then, create the Total Operating Budget and calculate the entire budget amounts. This is the simplest budget template you can make for your business or company.

Tips to Make a Corporate Budget Template Step by Step

A Corporate budget can be made using Excel, PDF or Word. It depends on your desired software and format. In creating it, you have to be specific with the corporate budget which is intended for specific production. In fact, there are many types of business available.

Budget for Corporate Event

For example, you want to make a corporate department budget, corporate school budget, corporate hospital budget, etc. Different types of business will have different activities and need different budgets. So, the template will be different among them.

Corporate budget is usually made yearly. However, it is different from yearly budget template. A corporate budget must have more specific date & time related to the budget usage. So, you have to mention the date & time clearly for each activity related to corporate budget.

To create a perfect corporate budget, you need to list down all items you are going to use in the corporate production. Besides that, state the prices that will be allocated for each item. The price should have reasonable amount. So, you must have a good estimation.

Last, a corporate budget template requires you to total the amount & assure that this is alligned with initial budget that is set for the corporate production. After you include all items and calculate the total amount, you can print it out.



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