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A contract makes legal obligation between 2 or more parties involved in the contract. The parties can be individuals, institutions, businesses, etc. So, it is very important for you to know how to create a contract template.


How to Write a Contract Template

To make a contract document, there are some kinds of information you need to provide. You can begin it with basic information. You need to write the date and names of the parties. For example, it says “This contract is between … and …”.

Besides, you also must describe what goods or services are exchanged. Here, make sure that you use short and clear sentences to make it easy to understand. If you sell real goods, you have to describe the mode, size, color, and other identifying details.

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If needed, you can add addenda. It is needed if you forget to detail something in the document. This can be added afterwards since all parties sign off on the addenda. However, you can also add it at the time of the contract being occurred.

You can also add a confidentiality clause / non-disclosure agreement. This is needed if you do not want the other party share the information included in the contract to others. NDA can be a good alternative to make sure that the other party does not share it without facing legal action.

In the contract form, you also need to provide a clause that describes how the contract will be terminated. How long it will last must be specific. If it is a one-time service exchange, you have to explain that this will be terminated after the completion of the transaction.

You cannot only focus on the format, but also have to make sure that it is accordance with the law in your country. Here, you have to keep in mind those illegal services or goods are void. So, everything should be legal including the transaction.

To finish the document, provide the signature of both parties involved. The signature must be official and handwriting. Do not forget to include the date of the contract. Both parties must have it all so that you need to copy it.


Tips to Make a Contract Template

Before you write a contract, it is important to determine if you need it or not. Common situations that require a contract include beginning employment, buying or selling a vehicle, purchasing a house, etc.

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You also should be aware of the requirements of the contract. So, before the contract is written, it should be clear about the requirements agreed by both parties. It can relate to the services, goods, transactions, rewards, bonus, or anything else related to the contract.

One more, you have to make sure that all parties can legally participate the contract. For example, a teen under 18 is not legally able to participate a contract. After you are sure that all parties can legally participate, now you can create contract template. You can follow the guides we share above.



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