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Content inventory is created to collect the data that related to a majority of website. The form that is built for content is usually consists of three types. Those are image of detail, table excel form, and application. In making a good form, there are some of manners that you want to follow

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The samples below will help you to get through the detail information in easier way. Some of the samples are created in a excel format to make a lot easier to collect. Some of others are created in a PDF form to make it simple. The templates below will help you to find the best choice for you.

Choosing Best Content Inventory Template

The simple design for this topic can be arranged by pointing these details. Those are ID of document, inventory document owner details like marketing or producing, document title, sub detail like rotating item and image, and the content type.

Download Free Excel Format Content Inventory Template

The content type described whether the data is recorded through home page, multimedia, image, and product information. This data is only a few sample data that you can put in the list form. There are other types of samples that you can follow as well.

Inventory content template that is created for Excel Content Audit Guide consists of five types information. Those are content type, frequency of use, statues, priority, and page or file type. Each of the section will deliver about more items to list.

Details of Content Inventory Sample

In content type, detail information like news story, landing page, content page, team or group page, blog or forum, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, Image file and more are added. Move to the frequency of use, you can put whether the data is collected through daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and more.

Simple Content Inventory Spreadsheet

In some cases, it can be collected by annually, rarely, or even never collected. All of the data like this needs to be mentioned in a form. Then, each statue of the item, in which it is deleted, being kept, edited or updated, and new item, needs to be clearly mentioned in the template form.

Content inventory sample shares the information of the items whether it is number first priority or not. This is created in a priority form. The inventory form will also talk about the page or the file type. The simple sample form can be completed through spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet comes with different detail info. Navigation title is only one of examples. In this section, you can arrange all of the lists topics you talk in the form documents clearly. It gathers the information in more efficient way.

The content that is used for planning can consists of various information like useful or applicable section, page name or the page title that will appears in the browser bar. The data like home, research, about us, contact, academic, library, events are only examples.

These all can be added in the Content inventory. Clearly, the templates need to have various detail information. This helps you to find the best samples that help you to create the form step by step. Make sure you have gone through the details to find the best fit for you.


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