When things go a little bit sideways in your work environment and it becomes too unbearable to continue the work, you will have to reconsider thinking about the worst possibilities possible. These unbearable circumstances might be caused by an individual in your company and that they do not want you working for them anymore. If you think it is not tolerable anymore, you should write your constructive discharge resignation letter as the final resort.

161.Constructive Discharge Resignation

What is a Constructive Discharge Resignation?

a constructive discharge resignation is a condition where you are forced to resign due to the wrongful circumstances created by your employer. This simply means that the atmosphere inside the company for this employee is not healthy anymore. Employer’s action might range from ignoring the employee, cutting salary, or giving a slightly easy task.

Is it Possible to Sue the Company for Constructive Discharge?

There is no such action if an employer is leaving their job due to constructive discharge resignation. Consequently, they cannot do anything to sue the company as they leave for a good cause. Had they filed a complaint to a court, the company would have done the same thing to the employee.

How do I Write a Proper Constructive Discharge Letter?

As this constructive discharge resignation letter is meant for business-like errands, you will want to maintain a professional structure and courtesy with a precise choice of words that does not let go of your emotion too much. Follow all the tips down below to write the proper letter.

  • A short statement of your resignation
  • A Precise date for leaving
  • Gratitude for the experience

The Sample of a Constructive Discharge Resignation Letter

If you have some time to spare, you might want to use it for looking at the tips down below to fully grasp the structure of the resignation letter to help you write it later.

Dear Ms. Swan of HR Department

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will be taking my leave from my position as a content writer at ZEY company effective immediately on 23rd May 2021 due to the constructive discharge conducted every day by my supervisor.

It has been a truly tremendous experience working for this company. all the guidance and treatment that I have achieved has been a great support for my growth. Despite that, I fear that if I continue my job even further, the work itself will torture me. Nevertheless, that does not change how grateful I am contributing to this company for the last several years.

I have informed all of my team regarding this announcement, and I hope they will understand the reason I decide to do it. I wish for the best in the future of the company and hope that all good things may happen to this company. if there is ever anything that needs clarification, you can reach out to me at 1020394848 for further discussion.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Sincerely Yours,


Mr. Ferguson


After studying the sample and the tips above, you should feel delinquent in writing your forthcoming letter in case you need one.

As for a constructive discharge resignation letter, you may need to write one if you feel no comfort in your work environment anymore caused by your employer’s unpleasant action.

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