Construction electrician resume sample job description is there to install and maintain everything in need of electricity to operate. They could be the electrical power, communications, lighting, and control systems. For that purpose, the electrician has to be able to read blueprints or diagrams, inspect electrical components, identify any electrical problems, and repair them to solve problems.

Tiashe Aswelda

89034 Kub Squares, Philadelphia, PA, Phone: +1 (555) 657 2309


                                             Detroit, MI

                                             12/2015 – present

  • Make inspections on the facility and equipment and solve any issues or problems if there is any
  • Do the repair in the most efficient manner possible while keeping the electrical safety in mind
  • Be knowledgeable with the use of hand tools, electrical meter, and testing equipment during the work
  • Conduct electrical maintenance for power distribution and lighting systems, high voltage substations, industrial machinery, and production equipment
  • Measure the conductors and conduits and use the NEC Code Book as efficient as possible


Dallas, TX

08/2010 – 10/2015

  • Have the electrical panels built, run the conduit, and do the wiring as necessary for the needs
  • Take care of the work documentation, analysis, planning, and scheduling by using the PC maintenance management system
  • Troubleshoot motor controls, drives, and electronic components with strong knowledge to do so
  • Follow the safety rules as suggested and maintain clean work area to perform all sorts of duties
  • Work on the project assigned by the company during the whole time the facility running the conduit, pulling the wire, connecting the devices, and using the lifts and ladders


Los Angeles, CA

05/2007 – 04/2010

  • Serve the customers with the most excellent service possible for every need they need help for
  • Complete the tasks as quickly as possible with the best quality of work to offer and provide feedback
  • Follow the electrical code and standards in every conduct during the working hour
  • Work with good ethics and positive attitude as one reflects the company’s mission, philosophy, and goals
  • Troubleshoot and deal with problems by making good use of complex electrical schematics and blueprints


                                             Bachelor’s Degree of Construction and Electricity


  • Excellent skills of technical, interpersonal, and critical thinking to troubleshoot and maintain electrical equipment and systems
  • Capability to work together as a team even with the entire department to perform all sorts of duties assigned by superiors
  • Good ability to use electrical schematics and blueprints of complex level to perform the troubleshooting and solve the problems
  • Positive attitude and good work ethics, be it during communication or working on the projects and requests by company or clients
  • Reliability to complete the tasks given professionally as effective as possible and in timely manner
  • Knowledge and awareness of electrical safety to uphold during the work while working on the projects as good as possible
  • Good understanding in electronic, electrical, and mechanical things and willing to learn to broaden knowledge further

Construction Electrician Resume Sample


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