Commercial Sales Representative Resume Sample job description is the position that has been qualified with certain qualifications. The person will be responsible to do selling products through telecommunications and presents services for commercial business.

Maia Rosemarry

0440 Saint Kings Road, Brooklyn, NY, 10009, Phone: +1 (716) 345-0980



                                                Rochester, NY  

                                                10/2017 – present

  • Can establish Commercial sales representative resume sample through networking connections between company as the industry leaders to the members and partners
  • Responsible to promotion of the company’s programs
  • Understand deep down about the work and know how to run it
  • Able to obtain the balance of clients’ payments and do deposits
  • Responsible to do submitting sales with contracts that is required with others
  • Do preparing the contract’s client that related to company’s selling performance
  • Do visiting the clients within certain time and able to evaluate the needs of the clients
  • Capable to find what the customer’s need and pass it to the company
  • Maintaining the record of the clients record including giving professional service for clients such as answering questions about prices, availability products, and credit terms



Rockville Centre, NY

07/2013 – 08/2017

  • Able to create new business with partners
  • Can create new innovations that help to products to develop more
  • Able to build up marketing service that helps the growth of the company’s income by selling the products
  • Can generate the leads of the projects
  • Capable to lead meeting and exceeding the sales goals
  • Responsible to client’s business including the negotiation contracts with great prospective
  • Able to do weekly and monthly reports that related to the company’s sales products
  • Responsible to do sales presentation for clients from various different prospective
  • Can coordinate in team and create marketing programs




Huntington, NY

03/2009 – 11/2013

  • Can sell various retail products and serve excellent services to customers
  • Can successfully sell goods with great responds from customers
  • Capable to find what the customers want and capable to observe and find solutions
  • Responsible to successful sales process
  • Capable to find the new sales leads for company
  • Capable to create business directions for company
  • Helps to work with clients referrals and note what the customers want from the products and what the company do
  • Can make up with buyer seller agreements
  • Can build great communication to clients, customers, and company
  • Have great understanding and high knowledge about the products
  • Can build up and develop the image of the products



EDUCATION                       New York UNIVERSITY

                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Human Resource Management



  • Work with professional attitude and leadership
  • Has great personality that can work professionally on time
  • Do well-versed in the field with goal oriented to work
  • Able to market and high marketing plan for various platform
  • Capable to gather customers information regarding the products with patience
  • Able to live up targets
  • Have great motivation to work with human society and find what the clients need
  • Have quick understanding to observe and learn about situation that related to the selling products
  • Can build strategic marketing with prospecting skill
  • Can be an active listeners that help to know and find out about the pros and cons of the company’s products


commercial sales representative resume sample

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