Claims Adjuster job description works in the insurance company. This position also works in the property market place. The person will examine the property, taking cares the insurance and the value of the company, and handle the clients. This is including evaluating the damage and determine about how much the value of the insurance for the property through complete research and information.

Claims Adjuster Resume Example

Adrian Watson

1225 East Million Way, Wichita, KS, 67052, Phone: +1 (913) 2620-7884




Wichita, KS

11/2016 – present

  • Capable to handle the claims of the insurance for the property and know about the loss and the claims value with excellent skills through claim Adjuster resume sample
  • Capable to establish the reserved time and perform the continued reviews
  • Can handle the related actions of the loss claims, values, and others through claims-cycle
  • Can estimate the time of the arrangement and settled the claims projects with complete resource
  • Can validate the value of the claims and support the teams
  • Have excellent communication skills to build strong relationship with company, stakeholders, and clients for claim trends, business development, and marketing
  • Can recognize the internal resource and provide complete technical guide, assistance, and training association
  • Capable to determine the value of the claim loss, the actual cash, and do negotiation
  • Handle the settlement, claim of closure, and resolve the further complaints that may happen during the time
  • Participate in the various claims engagements
  • Collect the documentations of the claims file, assist the company guidelines and follow the state regulations



Downey, LA

10/2010 – 10/2016

  • Can assist the loss and the expense numbers from the portfolio and assist the development of the project
  • Capable to do the implementation of the plans and improve the progress to get the best result
  • Capable to work with team and communicate with different department
  • Can work with the Team manager Senior Adjuster and ensure the vendors or companies about the projects
  • Can do the litigation management of the complex claims
  • Capable to handle the personal allocation and develop the relationship with every partner
  • Available to create and arrange the total loss of the determination and establish the loss evaluations with complete research
  • Have excellent capability to create business relationship with the applicant attorneys



Houston, TX

07/2007 – 09/2010

  • Capable to determine the claims of the insurance for the property
  • Can estimate the claims for clients and company through deep research and collected information
  • Can inspect the personal injury for the clams to get to know about how much the loss is
  • Capable to do full covered inspection for home, automobile, and business
  • Can gather claimant, witnesses, and do full inspection.
  • Capable to do complete research and full research
  • Can collect various information through many sources including investigating with the police report
  • Can develop the compensation claims and do the action through managed planning, and well resolution
  • Can coordinate with return-to-work high effort
  • Capable to give and provide the approved claims on time
  • Can do complete analysis and analyze the loos and the expense number of the trends on the portfolio




Bachelor’s Degree in Insurance and Risk Management



  • Have excellent ability to adapt in a new environment and present great communication and social interaction skills
  • Have proficient skills in both verbal and writing skills
  • Can manage the high information and compile it as documentations
  • Have capability to work under pressure, and with high pressure working time
  • Work with passionate, pay attention to details, and creative
  • Have great excellent computer skills
  • Understand about the property claims, insurance, and anything related to it
  • Have great ability to communicate with clients and capable to ensure for giving best performance of the assigned job

Claims Adjuster Resume Example

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