This child care provider recommendation letter is written with the name of the center of the commercial child care provider, the home child care provider, or the caregiver working in the client’s home. Usually written by the parents of the child who is being cared for by the applicant or former employer.

Artikel 119. Child Care Provider Recommendation Letter

Sample from a Child Care Provider Recommendation Letter

This sample babysitter recommendation letter is written in the name of the individual who runs a home or preschool child care center for children aged one to six. The book was written by the mother of twin daughters whose children have been in school since the age of one.

How to Make and an Example of a Child Care Provider Recommendation Letter

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gracia Jie:

I am happy to recommend Mrs.Nony Child’s childcare center to you. My husband and I were excited and overwhelmed to find out six years ago that we were having twins. After the birth of our twin daughters, I left the workforce for a full year to stay at home and care for them. The economic challenges in my husband’s industry required me financially to return to work. One of my neighbors calls me “Mrs. Nony Child,” and I am very happy with the care and pre-school education she has provided for my children.

Mrs. Nony has converted part of her house into a child care facility. He was assisted by his nephew and brought only ten children, although he had more permits. She accepts children from one to six years of age and prepares them for kindergarten. My girls were sad to leave Mrs. Nony Child when they started kindergarten, but I sometimes took them to visit. Mrs. Nony was patient and kind while still maintaining discipline and fully respecting the children in her care. She has an organized schedule for each age group which includes education, indoor playtime, outdoor time, storytime, lunch, lunch, and nap time.

One of the most impressive things about Mrs. Childs is its pre-school curriculum. She took the time to research the specific kindergarten curriculum in our local public school system and any changes that have been made over the years. Our local councilors know and respect Mrs. Nony. She makes sure that the concepts and skills she teaches in her pre-school are sufficient to prepare the children at her center for a successful kindergarten year. My daughter is well prepared and has graduated from kindergarten this time of year.

I encourage you to schedule a field trip at Mrs. Childs and took the time to have a look and meet Mrs. Childs. It is difficult to leave your children in the care of other people and finding a babysitter you can trust is very important. I am happy to answer any questions raised by you. Feel free to call me at (111) -111-1111 or by email. Best of luck to you in your search for a babysitter.

Best regards,

Vonnie Yiu


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