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If you want to make a checklist, you have to understand about checklist template. Checklist can be made easily using either Ms. Excel or Ms. Word. In this article, we will explain it further in more detailed steps.


How to Make a Checklist Template Using Ms. Word

Using Ms. Word, you can create a checklist format with 4 steps. First of all, you should show the Developer tab. Here, you need to go to File tab and then choose Options and then Customize Ribbon and then Main Tabs. Then, select Developer and the OK.

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Secondly, make the list. Here, you must go to Developer tab and choose Check Box Content Control button. Next, press twice on the Right Arrow key and type the item in the list followed by pressing Enter. After that, select the check box control you made and copy-paste it. Do the same repeatedly.

Thirdly, refine the layout! Here, you should select the list. Then, go to Home tab in Paragraph group and click Paragraph dialog box. Next, type 0.25 in the Left box under Indentation. After that, choose Hanging under Special and click OK then.

Lastly, you need to lock the text & control. After you finish making the list, select the list. Then, go to Developer tab in Controls group and then choose Group and choose Group once again. Now, your checklist form is done.


How to Create a Checklist Template Using Ms. Excel

Simply, checklist can be made using Ms. Excel with 3 steps. Firstly, you need to enable the Developer tab. Here, you just need to go to the ribbon and right-click then select Customize the Ribbon. After that, go to the Main Tabs’ list on the right side of Excel Options and check Developer then click OK.

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Secondly, you should enter the items of the checklist to the spreadsheet. To do this, you just need to click Developer tab and click Insert in Controls section and then click Check Box. Make sure that you enter all the items in the list.

Lastly, it is time to add the checkboxes. Here, you should click in the cell you want to add the checkbox. There will be text to the right of the checkbox. Then, select the checkbox control and highlight the text & delete it.

Further, there are a few tips about advanced checklist format. For example, you can make a True/False column. To make it, just right-click on the checkbox & select Format Control. Then, go to Control tab and click the cell election button.

After that, select the cell to the right of the checkbox cell. Next, expand the dialog box by clicking the cell selection button once again. Finally, click OK. Repeat this until you finish it for the whole list you make.

That is all how to make a checklist template. You can also learn how to enter total items & calculate items checked. You can also hide True/False column. It is also important to understand about check if the entire checkboxes are checked, applying conditional formatting, etc.



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