When you apply to college, a company, or an institution, you probably need a character reference letter as one of the requirements. To do that, you need to find people who know your character well, especially the one who knows the strong positive side of you.

Artikel 175. Character Reference Letter and Its Sample

What is a Character Reference Letter?

A character reference letter is a document that is required if you applying to some companies, colleges, or institutions. It is needed for the company, college, or institution you are applied to know you better, so they can decide whether or not they can accept you as a member of their community or institution.

Tips for Writing Character Reference Letter

If someone asks you to write a character reference for her/him, think first before you agree to write it. You can say no if you don’t know the traits of people who ask you because you should know him well and be honest in describing people’s character, especially the strongest side of him that will be a plus in the college or company’s point of view. So, here we give you the tips in writing a character reference letter:

  • Request Information about the person whom you will write
  • Be specific in describing the character. You can also give the example that describes the character
  • Look at the job listing or the school website that will help you to see qualification that suits the one whom you describe in the letter
  • Provide contact information thus the institution or company will ask you for further questions

Who to Ask for A Character Reference?

If you are still confused about who is the one to ask for writing a character reference for you, you can ask someone who know you personally, for instance:

  • Your Friend
  • Your Neighbour
  • Your Teacher or Lecturer
  • The leader in the community
  • The Boss or people you’re working with

What is the Sample of Writing A Character Reference Letter?

When you are agreeing to write someone’s character reference letter, but still do not know the structure or where to start, here we provided a character reference letter that can be used as a reference.

This is the sample.

Dear Mr. Jonathan, College Admission Committee

I have known Cherry Blossom for the past 3 years, having served as both her lecturer and academic advisor at Edinburgh University. I believe Cherry would be an excellent addition to Oxford University.

While as a student at Edinburgh University, Cherry is a persevere and clever student in the class, she also always challenge herself academically. She is an active participant in the class discussion and being able to understand the material quickly. In every project and assignment that she did, she always did it well, always hand it on time, and never postpone it. So, no wonder why she got the cum laude predicate and becomes the youngest and best graduate in the Edinburgh Graduation Class of 2018.

Besides academic things, she has also been actively joined extracurricular, such as Chess, and she always joined the chess tournament that was held by other colleges, and she won a gold medal several times. Her genius side and her ability in doing both academic and non-academic things reflect her skills and abilities to continue a master’s degree at Oxford University.

I believe that Cherry will bring so much to your College, both inside or outside the classroom. She will be a pride to Oxford University. I think that is all that I know about her so far. If you have any questions regarding Cherry’s qualification, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 454-323-9999 or Jennie.carl@mail.com.


Warm Regards,



Jennie Carl

Lecturer and Student Academic Advisor

Edinburgh University


That is all about the character reference letter that you can use to describe someone’s traits to help them apply to the college, thus it makes the college that she is applied to understand more about her skill, abilities, and achievement.





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