A carer recommendation letter can be made from anyone, but it can be more weighty if an applicant is to work as a carer. The letter can be given to a skilled care facility management or someone looking for a carer for a private home.

Artikel 111. Caregiver Recommendation Letter

Sample of Caregiver recommendation letter

This example of a caregiver recommendation letter is usually used for adult children of an elderly woman who is looking for a nanny to care for and live with. The letter was from the daughter of an elderly woman who was being cared for by the applicant who had been there for a long time and more than a few years until the woman could no longer live in her house.

Dear Michael Bill Family:

It is my privilege to recommend Jenny Pearl to you as a babysitter for your elderly mother. Jenny took care of my mother at home so well that she could stay in her house five years longer than she should have. It made my mother very happy and was a blessing to the whole family. Jenny is very loving and very trustworthy. My family and I got to know her at our church nine years ago and feel very fortunate that she has lived with and cared for our mother for the past four years.

My mother has partially paralyzed from the effects of a stroke five years ago. She has not wanted to leave her home for more than 50 years to move to an orphanage, but she cannot live alone. When we heard Jenny was there, we arranged for her to stay with my mother and were very happy with the situation. My mother died quietly sleeping in her beloved home. I understand that Jenny has applied for a job as a nanny for your mother and I want to tell you how much joy she brings to our family.

While caring for my mother Jenny carried out various daily activities. She helped my mother to bathe, dress, prepare, and feed food and administer medicine. He took my mother for a walk around the neighborhood every day, weather permitting, so that she could get fresh air regularly. Jenny drove my mom to the routine doctor and checkups. She took care of the laundry and changed the sheets.

Even though we hired a weekly housekeeping service, Jenny took care of the day-to-day housekeeping. The house is always neat and tidy every week when my family and I visit, and my mother is always excited. Jenny was a wonderful companion to my mother, and she spends time in conversation with her to help keep her mind as sharp as possible.

I hope you do consider Jenny Pearl for the position of a babysitter for your mother. I am sure you will be as happy with his work as we are. You can contact me if you want more info. I can be reached by cellphone at (111) -111-1111 or via email.


Best regards,


Rocky Nail





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