Tips in Writing a Car Rental Quotation

Today, car rental becomes one of the most popular businesses. If you also have the same business, it is very important to write a car rental quotation. Before start writing, you have to know about the format and template. Therefore, in this article we will discuss it further.

Car Rental Quotation Template


How to Create a Car Rental Quotation

If you want to write a car rental quotation template, you have to think about how to make it highly usable and comprehensive. Here, we have a complete guideline with step by step. Before you start writing the quotation, you have to find the suitable template first.

In this case, you need to identify the template format you want to use for your quotation. Here, you should choose from various options and then decide which one that can develop your quotation layout. So, you can ensure your potential clients to rent a car from you.

This quotation should be started with a header. The header will let everyone about your business from the first impression. Here, you have to know what to include in the header. The header should include the details of your car rental business clearly.

You can begin with the logo of your business. After that, follow it with your car rental business’ name. Then, you need to provide the contact details of your business such as the complete address, phone number, email address, website, and any other needed detail like social media, fax mail, etc.

Next, writing a car rental quote template requires you to allocate the space used for the details of your client. Under the header, you should write your client’s details. First, you may need to provide the name of your client. Besides, it may also include his or her address, phone number, email, etc.

Still in this section, you are also required to write the date of making document. It is the date when you write this quotation. Even though it is only an optional, usually most business owners do not want to miss this because they consider it as very important information especially for tracking purpose.

The next step is to indicate the important content of this quotation. It belongs to the body and becomes the most important part of the quotation. In this part, you should provide many details of information related to your car rental business completely.

You need to include the car type you offer to rent in the quotation. Besides that, the number of car available should also be included. You also have to include the frame time of the effective car rental, and also the quotation validity duration. One more, you cannot forget providing the pricing details.

Car Rental Quotation

Car Rental Reservation Quotation Quotation for Hiring of Vehicle 1 Quotation for Hiring of Vehicle 2 Rental Car Request for Quotation Sample Quotation for Hiring of Vehicles

In the last part, you can finalize the draft of car rental quotation. Make sure that you check it first before you print it out or send it to your prospective clients. The quality of quotation will affect and impact your customers. So, make it as quality as possible.

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