Printable Business Report Format Templates

A business report is a type of project done in an organization or company wherein an actual situation or a case study is examined. In the business report format, you have to apply business theories so that it can come up with various suggestions & ideas for improvement.

Sample Business Activity Report Template

What to Include in a Business Report

A business report template should contain the following elements. First, you have to start with a specific issue. After that, you must have a pre-specified audience. Then, you are also required to follow a specific structure or layout no matter the kind of report you plan to write.

Sample Business Activity Annual Report Template

Next, you need to state the reasons for the event and the method for solving the concerns & issues that are involved in the event. In addition, this report must also be unbiased and do not contain subjective materials. Make sure that all data & information are based on facts.

Usually, this report is done by a group or a committee. So, a shared effort is needed. To make your audience understand your report, you have to organize your presentation well. Moreover, this report should also flow upward in the structure of a company or organization.

A business report form should be presented creatively to make it interesting. So, you may need additional materials. One more, you cannot forget the signature & date. Make sure that the reporter ad all the committee members sign this kind of report to make this document valid.

Kinds of Business Reports

Business reports are divided into 3 types. The first is an analytical business report. It contains data along with interpretation, analysis or examination from the writer of the report. It can also be in response to the person who made a request for this report.

Sample Business Activity Report Format

The second is an informational business report. It contains data & info without comments from the writer of the report. This report contains info, facts & results regarding a certain topic in full details of any explanation or suggestion. The sample of this kind of business report is also available here.

The third is a research & recommendation business report. It contains data and the analysis of the report writer about the data. This type of report contains appropriate actions advised by the report’s writer. According to many types of research, this type of report is made with regard to a particular concern.

How to Make a Business Report

Different types of reports have different formats. However, we provide a collection of business report samples. Our template samples are free to download so that you can pick your preferred template freely. Of course, you need to edit it to fit your needs or purposes.   Sample Business Activity Survey Report Template

Sample Business Establishment Activity Report Template
Sample Business Finance Partnership Activity Report TemplateSample Monthly Business Activity Report TemplateSample Notice of Business Activity Report Template

You can easily edit the template using an editing tool. Do not forget to proofread it once again to make sure that there is no error or mistake. After your business report format is completely written, you can print it out and submit it. Sometimes, this report is also submitted online via email.

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