Business Analysis Template Guidelines and Format

During you run a business, sometimes you need to write a business analysis template. It provides various external & internal facts as well as projection. You can actually write this analysis easily. Therefore, you will need to pay attention to the following guidelines we will share below.

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Tips to Write a Businesss Analysis Template

Before writing a business analysis paper, you are required to set the goals of your project first. You have to determine what to improve. You may need to assess the value of a company for purchase or sale. You also need to determine wheter the company structure must be improved or not.

After setting the goals, you will need to assess the mission of the company. It describes the overarching goals of the company. To make a profit, mission goals should include pursuing a green strategy, remaining a leader in the marketplace or providing high value job to the employees.

Then, what you should do next is to review the performance of the company’s financial condition. It may include a cash flow statement, balance sheet, account receivable aging report, annual budget, profit & loss statement, debt breakdown as well as year end tax return.

With those documents, you will be able to identify the finance of your company in about 6 months to a year. Besides that, it also really helps you to spot potential issues in a business which is currently profitable. Anyway, this step is very important so that you cannot miss or skip it.

Next, writing a business analysis report also requires you to examine the “4 P’s”. It consists of product, promotion, price and place. Here, you need to review the product or the business, analyze the effect of price, look at the distribution location and review the marketing efforts.

In addition, you also need to evaluate the strcture of the company. Before that, you must review how your company is organized related to its management, staff, division and department. Here, you should review the procedures, written process, organization chart and company handbook.

Still related to evaluating the company’s structure, you must determine whether your company has the proper staffs in each position. In this case, you may need to list down the competitive advantages, tangible & intangible assets, capabilities, and competencies of the company.

Last, you should finish it with SWOT analysis. It means you need to summarize your findings with a review of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats of the company. You must use information and result to analyze the marketing, structure, financial performance and mission.

It is also important to understand about the format. The format must be written rightly. This analysis should be started with a cover page. It is followed with contents page. The next is for executive summary followed. You can also add informational sections. Finish it with summary & appendix.

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Summary must reiterate your findings in executive summary. It also includes recommendations ased on the provided support in the main body. For appendix, you should put data so that you do not slow down the readers in the main part of the business analysis template.

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