Writing a Building Quote with 5 Effective Steps

If you want to plan to bid for a project of building and have a better opportunity to close a deal, you have to make sure that you create a well-developed building quote. You can actually create this kind of quote based on your desired format. Anyway, let’s see the following guidelines.

Building Quote Format


How to Make a Building Quote

It is very important to ensure that you will be chosen by your clients by approving a building quotation you send. To make this quote effective to convince your clients, you have to pay attention and follow the step by step below.

Before you start writing, you need to choose the template you want to use to develop this quotation layout. In this case, you can download a template that is most appropriate for your purpose to format your building quote. There are some elements that you have to include in this quote.

You should begin it with a header where it contains your business’s name and contact details. After that, you should provide a space for the details of your client & transaction date. Then, it should be followed with a body of quotation and then ended with footer at last part.

After you make the format, now you have to specify the descriptions of the item. Here, you have to make sure that you describe the required labor, materials & services precisely. So, your clients will understand it clearly where the charge will go for.

This should be followed with the estimated costs. In this case, you need to align the subtotal of every item and then you can continue by identifying the total cost of the construction project. Make sure that you do not miss any cost such as tax, extra fee, etc.

The next step in writing a building quote template is to provide the terms & conditions of the quotation after you discuss about the requirements & costs. In this step, you have to provide the expected project schedule. Make sure that you can really finish the project on time.

Besides that, you also need to provide the business requirements that make the transaction run well. In addition, you cannot forget to include the terms & conditions of this quotation. So, when you submit it, your prospective clients will understand it well and will consider working with you in building project.

After you finish writing the quotation, you should review and recheck it whether there is any mistake, misspelling, missing information, etc. If you think that all is ok, now you should allocate signature blocks at the end part. Let your clients sign it off to approve this quotation.


Professional Building Quote Form

Quote form Builder Sample Request for Quotation Metal Building Request Quotation for Building Basic Building Quotation Template Building Quotation Template

You can develop your building quote by browsing various samples of template. If you are sure that your quotation is effective, you can submit or send it to your prospective clients whether you give it directly to your clients or send it via email. Hopefully this can be a useful reference.

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