How to Write Budget Tracker and Get Your Spending History Monitored Thoroughly

Tracking budget is not as easy as you might think it would be. It is not as easy as simply managing the budget as well. There will be more details to be included in the template. You can use the ready-made templates of budget tracker out there, but it won’t make a bad idea to write one on your own.

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Over the year, you must have been using the budget for all sorts of needs. Within a month, you might even spend twice the cost or more for specific things. So, let’s discuss what kind of template design we should go for the tracking.

Budget Tracker Design Tips to Make 1

First, we suggest you to decide how much you want to track from the spending history. If you just need to know how much you spend for every need, you can go with the kind of design where you just have to make table with rows of category and columns of the months in a year. It simplifies all.

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You get the total amount of budget spent each month for each need. If you want quantity involved, categorize the needs and add columns of quantity and cost per unit in budget template. Of course, do include subtotal and cost total here.

Budget Tracker Design Tips to Make 2

Once you know the needs, the template design is determined right away. If you go for the simple one, of course it must be one with monthly columns in the table. Making the table alone wouldn’t be enough though. Above it, consider putting details about your company, project, and other things.

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Use half part of the space below the heading or the title to put budget diagram. It will be the summary of the table. So, if you need quick check on the budget spending, you can read it from the diagram and the table for more details.

Budget Tracker Design Tips to Make 3

If you need to look into way more details like item quantity, you will make more than one table. Instead of having one with big size, you are better with small table for each category of the needs being divided. Budget sample printable of the kind usually uses Microsoft Excel to make things quick.

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For instance, you can put research firm fees, web research, independent research, and other research in research category table. Meanwhile, communications category table may include brochures, television, radio, and web.

Budget Tracker Design Tips to Make 4

Making good use of colors in the template will do you good, for sure. It is not just about making the template look attractive. The colors will be of help to categorize things too. For example, purple can be used to highlight the category items, quantity, and cost per unit. Use the color on the font only.

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Next, choose different color to tone the squares of both the estimated subtotal and cost total. Distinguishing them like this makes it easier to look at which is the cost and which is the total expense by looking at the budget tracker.



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