Brand ambassador resume sample will be an important document, especially for those who want to join with a new company in continuing their career. A resume will be the first requirement needed by the recruiter in order to enter the selection process.

By using a resume, a candidate could inform their detail personal information. Then, by a resume too, a candidate is able to show their skills, experiences and achievements, so they could claim as the potential candidate to be recruited by the company.

However, before talking about how to make a resume, it will be good when we see first what the brand ambassador is. A brand ambassador represents a service or product. They will have huge interaction with the specific audience as it is targeted.

A brand ambassador also could be useful as the helper of communication, such as building the awareness, generating leads, the acquisition of customer and building the overall image.

In other hand, a brand ambassador also could be a complex job. They could have fulltime position or part time and the specific event job. Then, the work of brand ambassador could be said as the core of the company and organization.

Seeing the detail working of brand ambassador, it could be said that their job is very important. Now, let us see a sample of the resume. By seeing a sample of the resume, making this important document of course could be easier to do.

Sample of Brand Ambassador Resume

William Thomas

6182 Xavier Parkways, Los Angeles, California. Phone: +1 (555) 718 6281


Brand Ambassador

04/2014 – present

  • Activating and engaging customers
  • Analyzing the needs of business
  • Collaborating with the sales manager on the planning of account and activation
  • Communicating about the new development with the functional cross team
  • Conducting the training of staff in order to ensure that the brands will be properly represented
  • Creating and fostering the relationship with the stakeholder of the company
  • Creating the unique planning of the marketing based on the need of business
  • Dove sales with the programs of trade focused on the educational in order to build better brand
  • Engaging the store personnel and give education with them in order to increase the brand awareness
  • Helping identifying the opportunities with the account of designated universe
  • Identifying and secured the display product
  • Interacting with the clients in order to promote the brands
  • Maintaining the ideas in order to get the innovation
  • Performing the competitive researches in order to build better planning of business
  • Recruiting, training and motivating the junior brand ambassador
  • Reporting the activities of market and trend the basis of daily


State University of California

Bachelor’s Degree of Arts



  • Good technique in promoting
  • Able to learn any kind of product and service quickly
  • Good communication skills both in written and verbal
  • Have high bravery to speak in front of many people
  • High dedication to the company
  • Open minded with the innovation of the technique and the ways of promotion
  • Cheerful and have positive motivated
  • Motivated with the new challenges and targets
  • Able to work in team, under pressure and with limited deadline


Brand Ambassador Resume Sample

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