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Birthday party is one of the most highly anticipated events for birthdays. They want to share their happiness getting older together with those closest to them, such as family, friends, classmates, or work colleagues. Not wrong if you want to invite your acquaintances to your birthday party. For that, you need a birthday invitation.

birthday invitation psd templates

What is a good birthday invitation like? First of all, a good birthday invitation card can outline the nuances of the birthday party you are about to hold. Make the guests know beforehand how lit the party can be. You don’t need to hire a professional graphic designer to design your birthday party invitation card. We have compiled many templates that you can use as a guide to making your own birthday party invitation card.

birthday invitation in psd design

Choose the birthday invitation template design on this page, then customize the design to your liking, then save it in the type of file you need. The template we provide is suitable for both online birthday invitations and traditional birthday invitations (printed on paper and sent directly to the recipient).


What SHOULD be in a birthday invitation template

1. Appropriate color scheme

The right color scheme can highlight your birthday invitation card well. If you want to use a vibrant color scheme, consider exporting contrasting colors or colors that are opposite each other; for example a combination of red and blue.

2. Use complementary fonts

Birthday invitations that only use one type of font can seem boring. However, using too many fonts (more than 3 types) or non-complementary fonts will even make the impression that your birthday invitation card is amateur. If you feel unsure or confused, choose decorative fonts as the main header and sub-header. Then, choose a plain font for the body text alias alias content. The right pairing fonts can give the impression that your invitation is professional.

birthday invitation psd

3. One image as focal point

Focal points are the parts of the design that draw the attention of those who see them. Usually, the focal point is the most focused, most contrast and most visible part of the design. You can give a touch of focal point on your birthday invitation card by providing an image that still has to do with birthday parties, such as birthday cakes, candles, etc.


What SHOULD NOT be in a birthday invitation template

1. There is no theme

Every party has a theme, whether it’s minimalist, modern, traditional, costume party, fancy, chic, etc. Your birthday party invitation card should reflect that. Including, provide dress code information so that the invitees come with clothes that match the theme of the party. This will make the party more interesting and the documentation photos taken will be unique. For this reason, pick a photo that reflects or illustrate your party theme. Then, use a font type and color that contrasts with the background image so it’s easy to read.

birthday invitation templates psd

2. Using fonts that are not appropriate

Fonts that are difficult to read, whether it’s because they are too small, too cursive, or too complicated, will make your birthday invitation card ignored. Then, take the time to choose the appropriate pairings font.

birthday invitation templates for photoshop

3. Without borders

Solid color borders are very important for the readability of an invitation card. Solid color borders will make your birthday invitation card seem simple and clean. Also consider using a border color that matches the picture or illustration that is on your birthday party invitation card.

birthday invitation psd templates

Birthday Invitation Design Ideas

birthday invitation customizable psd design templates birthday invitation example psd design

Birthday Invitation Example

birthday invitation in photoshop birthday invitation in photoshop

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