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Bingo is a game that involves the use of a ticket containing printed numbers. We have the two most popular versions of bingo: The British version and the American version. Both of them use the printed ticket as a media to play. However, the two versions have fundamental differences. In the UK, the printed ticket contains 15 numbers divided into three lines. Meanwhile in the US and Canada, bingo refers to a printed ticket containing numbers on a 5×5 (five-by-five) grid. Despite their different structures, they are still types of probability games.

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The way to play it is similar, namely by putting a sign on the number that is read out randomly by a caller. The difference is, the condition for winning the game in the British version of Bingo is when a bingo card holder manages to mark all the numbers on his card. Meanwhile, the rules for winning the American version of bingo are when a bingo player manages to mark the numbers in a line, be it horizontal, vertical or diagonal. This game is known as Kinzo in Quebec (Canada), and Tambola in India.

The history of Bingo began when in 1530, there was a lottery game in Italy called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”. Later, in 18th century France, tokens and calling out were added to the game. Similar games were very popular in 19th century Germany as a means of teaching children spelling, animal names, and math tables (especially multiplication tables).

Then in 1778, the French game Le Lotto used 27 squares in a 3×9 layout. This was the forerunner of modern design where the five cities in each row had numbers ranging from 1-90.

It was only in the early 1920s that Hugh J. Ward created the standardization for this game to be played at the carnivals that were held around the Western Pennsylvania area and in the area around Pittsburgh. In 1933, he published and patented the rule book of the game.

Bingo Card psd templates

Edwin Lowe also contributed to the popularization of the same game. When he was on a traveling carnival which took place in Atlanta, December 1929, this toy merchandise seller saw people enthusiastically playing a game called “Beano”. The guys play Beano using Ward’s rules.

Bingo Card templates psd

Lowe then introduced the game to his friends in New York. Lowe’s friends really liked the game. After that, Lowe made and produced his own version of Bingo in two versions, namely the 12-card set version and the 24-card set version. The price for the 12-card version of Bingo at that time was $ 1 while the 24-card version was $ 2. The game of bingo then gained popularity in the 1940’s, when bingo was widely played throughout the US.

Bingo Card psd

As for the name Bingo itself, its origins are unknown. Even so, it is thought that the term Bingo came from Lowe’s friend who called Beano Bingo when he won the game. The other origin theory about Bingo is that Bingo sounds like an echoing bell.

Bingo Card psd templates

Do you want to play Bingo but don’t have the cards? You can print it yourself, really. Just download and print the Bingo Card Templates that we provide for free here. Bingo can be a game to pass the time when getting together with friends or family at regular get-together events or certain events. Here are some examples of the templates we provide:

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  • Free Printable Alphabet Bingo Card Templates
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  • Free Printable Retro Halloween Bingo Card Templates Set
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  • And many more!

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Bingo Card in photoshop

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