Baseball Scoresheet and What It Consists of in the Template to Keep Score of the Play

Are you going to officially score baseball play? If that is the case, you will find the need to use baseball scoresheet. That being said, there is more to it than that. After all, there is much to score in baseball. Well of course, it‘s because there is more than one player in baseball team. Isn’t that right?

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There are batter and pitcher, that’s for sure. You have to keep their score separately. That is why there is more than one page in this play scoresheet. You can use it to keep track of score in game you watch too. So, let’s learn more of it here.

Baseball Scoresheet Part 1 – the Batting Page

Let’s start with the batting page here. This particular sheet will have three groups of column in. They are the lineup, the game log, and the totals. Now, you see that even one player category can have his score divided in some categories like this. When making the columns, pay attention to them all.

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The game log column for example, needs to have one slot for each row of the squares. After all, there are substitutions even in baseball. There can be pinch hitters or pinch runners. So, make sure they have place in your scoresheet template.

Baseball Scoresheet Part 2 – the Pitch Tracking

For pitch tracking sheet, there will be set of columns consisting of three sections. Those sections include the lineup, the pitch tracking, and another on the right. Next, you will have to pay attention to the middle section of the page. There should be several columns of boxes, each with three rows.

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They are also sectioned off into one of balls, strikes, and the result too. With this template, you might have more room to fill with things. However, it is better if you consider using shorthand and abbreviations to cut things short and write fast.

Baseball Scoresheet Part 3 – the Fielding Page

This last scoresheet page might not be as important as the two first pages above. It is because this page can only be necessary when the post game statistics are tabulated. When it comes to this page, you will find that it consists of four columns. The first column is meant for writing the player names.

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There second is for put outs. The third is for assists and the last is for errors. You just need tally marks for this page of the scoresheet. If there is notation to be made, it will be done as self explanatory. That’s what you need to know of it.


We can conclude that there are three pages in the scoresheet for baseball play. They are batting page, pitch tracking page, and fielding page. Each of these pages has its own design format to make. They’re meant for different things, after all. You can make the template by following the proper way.

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However, you can get things done faster by using the readymade template. They are all free to download online out there. Baseball scoresheet really is the best to use to score and keep track of the game. It is cheap and easy, thus worth using.



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