What to Write on a Baby Shower Thank You Note

Baby shower thank you note is a card or letter used by people to show their love & blessings on the mom-to-be & yet-to-arrive baby. If you want to give this kind of note to someone, you have to be able to write it rightly. So, let’s see the following guidelines.

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Tips to Make a Baby Shower Thank You Note

In writing a baby shower thank you card, you have to pay attention to the following things. The first is the writer of the note. The mom-to-be writes a thank you note. But if someone else helps to write it, make sure that you approve them and sign it off before you send the note.

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Besides that, you also need to pay attention to the recipient. Everyone who graced the baby shower should receive this kind of note. Besides, you also have to write it for those who cannot attend the party but send gifts & blessings.

Then, you also must consider the right time to send it. It should be sent as & when the celebration ends. If you are so busy and cannot attend the baby shower, you can send it earlier when you have free time. Anyway, you should not postpone it.

One more, you also need to show creativity in writing this note or card. Here, you can give a unique or creative touch to this note. For example, you may add pictures so that your guests will certainly love it. However, you have to keep it simple.

How to Write a Baby Shower Thank You Note

There are some elements you need to write in the baby shower thank you note template. The first is name & personalized introduction. In this part, you should address your guest’s name and also introduce personally by avoiding formal style.

After that, you need to acknowledge your guests’ presence & efforts. Here, you have to express your thanks and show appreciation. You can show it with your own wordings. Anyway, make your guests pleased with your appreciation because they have attended your baby shower party.

You also have to write how you will use the gifts. Here, you can mention the gifts and do not forget to thank them. You may tell them how you will use it and how happy you are with their gifts. With this, your guests especially who send gifts will be happy.

Last, you have to make a closing statement. The closing statement must be able to make your guests feel special. So, you will need to write something personal. It is also a good idea to add a heartfelt lines of thank. For example, you have shared great moments during the baby shower.


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There are so many samples of baby shower thank you note. The wording is also various. Anyway, it is better to make your own wording so that it feels more special. However, you are also allowed to download free template and edit it easily.

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