Of course, a manager or owner of a company has its way of working and mechanisms to build the success of the company. Often there is a rapid turnaround of employees because the company wants to increase and choose human resources that match the company’s culture. By breaking up the working relationship of old employees and looking for a new employee, it is expected that the company has employees who can join and advance the company’s vision. If you are going through the above process, using at will termination letter is the best solution to break one’s working relationship.

35. Create an At Will Termination Letter to Terminate an Employee

What is an at will termination?

At-will means that the company can terminate a worker at any time without any prior notice or reason. The company will typically send at will termination letter for the fastest information to the employee concerned.

How do I write a letter to terminate the service?

Making the letter it easy enough. Open the letter with the opening language stating that the employee no longer has a working relationship. Write down all the properties that the employee owns, and ask him or her to return them.

A Great Sample

Here is a brief example of at will termination letter that you can use for the benefit of the company. Feel free to change it and make use of it as needed.

Dear Mr. Robert Johnson

Based on the company’s managerial decision, as of January 1, 2020, we as the management of the company terminate your employment agreement and your employment contract. Dismissal is a mechanism at will, where the company allows to terminate the working relationship with you without notice and reason. Through this letter, we would like to confirm the termination of employment and is the result of this afternoon’s meeting.

Looking at the staffing files owned by the human resources division, you have several office properties that you still own, namely a Laptop A, a smartphone device, a corporate credit card, printing devices, software connected to your account, and several company watches. You can start to return it in the last week before the employment contract ends in good condition. The front desk will assist you in returning all the properties you own.

Through this letter also, your last salary will be closed in December 2019. Of course, this salary is included with benefits, commissions, and other income following the applicable laws. All wages will be transferred no later than December 29, 2020.

All insurance and other benefits will also be cut off as of January 1, 2020, so that can be of particular concern to you. If you still have some questions to ask in all areas, please do not hesitate to contact the human resources manager at (000)-000-0000 or via official company email.



Stephen Roy


There are some brief explanations on how to make an at will termination letter and examples that you can emulate. Use as best you can and be as rinsed as possible.

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