Complete Guidelines on Creating an Assignment of Promissory Note

Promissory note is a written document which recognizes a legally binding relationship between 2 parties officially. The 2 parties include borrower & can be secured or unsecured. Anyway, it is very important to know how to create an assignment of promissory note with the proper template.

Assignment and assumption agreement


How to Write an Assignment of Promissory Note

There are some basic elements that you have to include in the promissory note assignment. The first is the information of the borrower & the lender. Here, you have to mention the name of both parties. Besides, the borrower should also sign it off. Optionally, the lender can also sign it off.

The second is the amount of money to be paid back. It consists of 2 categories. They are principal amount and interest rate. So, the lender has to decide how much the interest rate is. In addition, it should also include the percentage for the late payment fee.

The third is the repayment method. There are 4 common types of option for repayment. The 4 payment types include installment payment, installments with final balloon payment, due on specific date or lump sum and due on demand or payable on demand.

The forth is the date when to pay back it. It can also be called as maturity date. If the date has past or there is no date, it must be due on demand or payable on demand. Sometimes, there is what is called secured promissory note because the repayment is guaranteed in the form of goods, property, etc.

The fifth is about what if the borrower does not pay back the money. In this case, the lender may place the promissory note for collection. A pro collection agency usually charges the lender with a flat fee or with a percentage of the debt. Anyway, it must be included in the promissory note assignment template.

There are still some other details that you may need to include. One of them is acceleration where the lender asks the borrower to pay back sooner. Besides that, you may also include amendment. It is any change that must be written.

Then, you can also include collateral in the note where the lender may keep collateral property if the borrower defaults. The next thing to be included is governing law. It is the law applied by the state. It may also include joint & several liabilities where all of the co-borrowers share responsibility.

Late charges should be included, too. It is the amount of money that must be paid as a penalty if the borrower repays lately. The next is prepayment where the borrower may pay off it all earlier than the due date.


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One more, it may also be needed to include right to transfer. In this case, the lender may transfer the assignment of promissory note to another party. Then, that party must continue repaying the money. That is all the complete guides in writing this kind of note.

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