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Artists are people who have expertise to create artwork and get paid for it. Artist as an occupation is actually a very broad term. There are traditional artists who work independently (freelance) and multimedia artists who work for a company. Whether they work independently or for a company, artists should possess some skills such as originality, creativity, detail-oriented, organized, and able to work under deadlines (especially those who work for a company). Beside these general skills, good verbal and written communications are more favored.

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Definition, function, and how to use invoice

Artist invoice can be used to inform the commission fee that should be paid by the clients. An artist invoice may include type of service, materials/supplies used, fee for service, artist’s daily rates, artist’s expenses, and service details.

Sample Templates Residence Artist Invoice

An artist, especially an entertainer, usually prioritizes personal identity among other things. Many artists are famous for having confidently unique personalities. This identity may also be shown in invoiced delivered to clients as long as they are ethical. It is okay to be creative with invoices. Include warm greetings or call clients with friendly greetings if you feel it will improve the relationship between you and the clients.

Invoice is important for documentation and references purposes. It is also useful to confirm commissions made by clients so you can work on the commission faster and complete it before deadline. In the end of this article, you can found some free printable artist invoice templates for you to download for free.

Getting paid as an artist

Although work as an artist, especially freelance artists, is fun, this career is considered a less “safe” career. That is, do not expect to get a high salary or payment all the time. However, you can try to get a commission at any time if your clients continue to trust you and you can build your reputation as a quality artist.

In this digital era, there are so many freelancer jobs available for artist of different levels. Rising artist or even beginners in the art and design businesses can start their career from scratch easily with the help of the internet. You can make commissions online through sites like Sketchmob, ArtCorgi, DeviantArt, and Pixiv.

Sample Templates teaching artist invoice

Use these free printable artist invoice template to ensure you get your paycheck in due time. You can also use it as an invoice template for other field of work. Just click the download button and you can create your invoice for free.


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