Artist Agreement Template – PDF, Doc, and Excel

Artist agreement template helps to create an agreement or contract that happens between artists of owner of an artwork. This document appears as legal document. The people that are involved in the agreement are between the artists and the institution, exhibition, or organization.

Sample Artist Agent Agreement

The agreement happens when the other parties like institution, exhibition, and organization borrows or use the artwork of artists or artists’ work in a legal occasion. This document writes the details of specific things. Usually, it talks about how the work is undertaken and find the expected outcomes.

Reasons of Making Artists Agreement Template

There are certain reasons that become the source of why this agreement is needed. The first thing is confirmation. This document is created as a confirmation about the agreement. Clearly, you need to write the document and it needs to be signed with both of the parties that are involved in there.

Sample Artist Consignment Agreement

Having written agreement is safer rather than verbal agreement. Besides that, this document is also used as protection. Clearly, this document can protect the rights of the artists towards the artworks or works that the artists have served.

It can be said that this is a formal business relationship that needs to be written in formal condition as well. Thus, you will need to create this document. To make a good document, you can follow the artist agreement sample here in order to make a proper document.

You will find out terms and condition that may be applied in the document as well as the rules. Having this legal document may be beneficial in the future. This can be used as evidence if there is anything happen in the future related to the contract.

The last reason is due to the assurance. It is understandable that this document ensure both of the parties toward the agreement that is made. A successful and profitable agreement can be happened in the process.

Then, the distribution of the artworks can be more managed by having this document. You will also get a clear number of an appropriate compensation toward the agreement. You can use artist agreement format to create your own version.

Make sure that you put the certain details such as profit sharing, and other stuff in the agreement. You can put the details such as trade secrets, intellectual properties, and others in the document. When making this document, you should know about agreement and what to write in there.

Things to Write in the Artist Agreement Template

There are certain things that you need to put in the form. This will help to create a proper document. The first thing is you need to identify the details that you will put in the document. Personal details and contact information are two basic things that you definitely need to put.

Then, you need to arrange a proper time frame. Make sure that you specify the length time of the agreement. If there is any escape clause, then you need to add it in the document with period of time.

Sample Artist Licensing Agreement

Sample Artist Management Agreement
Sample Artist Performance Agreement
Sample Music Artist AgreementSample Producer Artist AgreementSample Side Artist Agreement

The next thing that you need to prepare is the geographic exclusivity. You need to explain the geographic details of the agreement carefully. The last thing you do is making percentage split. Make sure that you have counted the percentage carefully in your artist agreement template

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