Not all workers quit their job because of nasty things. There are still many workers who have good relationships and enjoy the job. However, due to health conditions, the need to move or a marriage relationship, they had to submit their resignation to the company. For this condition, an appreciative resignation letter is a right decision.

Artikel 107 Appreciative Resignation Letter

How Do I Resign A Gracefully Letter?

A resignation letter is a polite and professional way when a worker wants to quit. Whatever the reason, it would be a shame if you left without saying goodbye.

An appreciation resignation letter is, in general, a way to convey sincere appreciation to your boss. This letter begins with a paragraph stating your intention to resign and the date of your resignation. There is an opportunity that your boss may reject or defend you, so leave your contacts just in case you have a question or something that needs to be discussed.

This letter is closed with a paragraph containing sincere gratitude to the boss and the company. Don’t forget to include the signature and date of manufacture.

How Do You Express Free In A Letter Of Resignation?

Some many ways and expressions can be used as an expression of thanks in a resignation letter.

One example of an expression of gratitude in a resignation letter is:

“I want to give thanks for this opportunity. I got a lot of good things, good work experiences, good colleagues to the superiors who always support and help me to continue to grow. I think of you as my mentor and manager in company A. In the future, I hope that this good relationship will continue to exist even though I will switch to other professions. I beg you to respectfully accept my resignation. ”

How Do You Say Thank You After Resignation?

To make an excellent and effective Appreciative Resignation letter, an understanding of the format, grammar and content is required. Here are some steps that can help you write well, including:

  1. Make sure the structure and format used are correct. You can study via the internet or your coworkers who have resigned.
  2. Make sure always to include the date and contact information that can be reached.
  3. Begin the letter with a greeting. It will give off a formal, polite impression.
  4. Include in the initial paragraph, the intention of resigning and the date of resignation.
  5. End the letter with a paragraph containing an expression of gratitude to the boss.
  6. Don’t forget to write down the good wishes for your boss, company and successor.
  7. Close with signature and bright name.

Can I Email My Resignation Letter?

Although it is permissible to send your resignation letter via email, you must pay attention to some do and don’ts.

Ensure the notification sent follows the provisions, namely one month or two weeks before the resignation deadline. Keep the letters you send via email shortly and concise without leaving essential details behind, because the letter can be used as a company archive. Letter of resignation by email must be sent directly to the supervisor and the Human Resources Department.

Appreciative resignation letter is a door that must be made so that a good relationship can be maintained even though you will move to another process.

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