When you make a mess or act inappropriately in court, you should utter an apology to fix it. The way to deliver your regret to the court is by writing a letter. It is a very useful and important thing to do because it conveys that you realize your action and feel remorse.

Artikel 171. Apology Letter to Court and The Sample

What is an Apology Letter?

An apology letter is a letter that is containing regretful action. It conveys that you realize your action and intend to show your sincere apology to fix all the problems and the action you caused, thus it can make the situation better.

What should be included in the Letter of Apology?

Some things should be included in the Apology Letter to make your letter is easy to read and can be accepted by the Court, there are:

  • Explain the subject matter briefly and straight to the point
  • Accept the responsibility of your action
  • Be sincere and honest

 What should not be included in the Letter of Apology?

Otherwise, some things should not be included in the Apology Letter because it can make your letter seems less sincere, there are:

  • Do not make an excuse and blame others
  • Do not exaggerate
  • Do not write the letter too long

The Sample of Apology Letter to Court

To write an efficient and sincere apology letter to the Court and to be able to write it properly, thus it will help you to strengthen your case, here we will give you an example that you can use as a reference in writing an apology letter.


This is the sample:

Dear Judge Leverson,


I am writing this letter to express my sincere apology for my inappropriate behavior in the courtroom a couple of days ago. My emotion and anger should not be expressed in that way even though it is very hard for me to accept the divorce between my now ex-husband and me. Making a mess in the courtroom by yelling at my ex-husband is inappropriate behavior, and I deeply regret and feel ashamed by that.

As I was too emotional and infuriated, thus I think your decision to made me leave the courtroom was right. I sincerely apologize for the problem that I have caused. I assure you that I will handle myself and my behavior next time, so it will not cause any trouble anymore.

I appreciate all your patience and your hard works in handling my case. I hope I can control myself better next time even though the feeling of anger about my divorce and my now ex-husband cannot be avoided, but I assure you I will hold myself and try to be calmer in facing all those things because I do not want to embarrass my self anymore. After all, there is no excuse for my inappropriate action, thus I should take full responsibility for that. If there is anything I can do to make up for the trouble that I have caused, please let me know. I am truly thankful for your patience and understanding in this matter.





Lily Marianne


That is all about the apology letter to the Court. If you cause any problem that makes the situation in the courtroom complicated, it is very important to utter an apology by writing an appropriate apology letter to the judge or court, thus it will make the process easier and it can also help you to strengthen the case.




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