Apology letters for missing interviews are sent when you miss an interview. Usually, these letters are sent after missing an interview when you are applying for a job, but it could also be when you are interviewing for school or other situations that apply. You should always send a letter of apology, as it shows that you are of good character and can help fight the harm caused by not attending an interview, depending on the situation.

Artikel 112. Apology Letter for Missing Interview

Form and Content of an Apology Letter for a Missing Interview

Letter of apology for missing interview format following the official letter. The contents should include the scheduled meeting time and interview purposes. Additionally, you should include a sincere apology and a reason for skipping the interview. However, you shouldn’t go too far into the reasons, or it will sound like you’re trying to overcompensate. You can also end by requesting another interview, if appropriate.

Sample of a Letter of Apology for a Missing Interview

This apology letter is for an interview as a missing sample was written by a candidate for a large marketing firm. On his way to the interview, he gets stuck in a traffic jam due to a road accident. He could not contact the interviewer before the missed appointment.

How to Make an Apology Letter for Missing Interview and Examples

Dear Mrs. Rose,

I want to make a sincere apology for missing our interview last week. I know we are scheduled to meet at 10 am on Thursday, December 3. Even though I left with plenty of time to reach your office, I was suddenly late. There was a road accident that brought traffic to a complete halt for half an hour. I contacted by phone but failed. By the time I reach your office, you cannot see me. I understand that it is my fault that missing the interview and your time is precious. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Although I understand that my absence from interviews has undercut my prospects at your company, I hope to overcome this setback and remain considered for the position. I know I am a strong candidate who would suit your company very well. I like your company and have high hopes of becoming an employee. I have included a copy of my resume with this letter, and I hope that you will still consider my application and rearrange the interview. And, I understand that’s not the problem.

I’ll be calling you later this week to reschedule the interview, and I hope you can take it. Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you again and to see you.


Thank you,


Melly Hill



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