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Annual report is a document that contains reports on the operations and financial condition of a public company. Annual reports must be reported to shareholders so that they know the condition of the company each year. Annual report becomes a regular component of a company’s financial reporting after the historic “stock market crash of 1929”. Prior to this incident, the annual report was not yet a legislative requirement for a company.

Annual Report in psd design

Typically, an annual report contains the following:

  • general corporate information
  • company’s mission statement
  • highlights from finance and operations
  • CEO’s letter to shareholders
  • text, graphics, and photos that can illustrate an annual report
  • management’s discussion and analysis
  • financial statements consisting of three parts, namely balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement
  • financial statements
  • report from the auditor
  • summary of financial data
  • accounting policies
  • milestones and success stories


Annual reports contain vital and important information about a company’s financial position that can be used to calculate:

  • the ability of a company to pay its debts when due
  • whether the company made a profit or loss in the previous fiscal year
  • how far the company has progressed in previous years
  • how much income is retained by the company to expand its operations
  • proportion of expenses for optionals to the resulting profit

Annual Report psd templates

Every year, a company must prepare an annual report. So that stakeholders understand the annual report that you are presenting, make sure your annual report has an appealing design. In fact, annual reports can be a powerful promotional tool if designed properly.

Annual Report psd

Here are some ideas to make your annual report more interesting:

  • use gradients as accent in your annual report
  • incorporate photos by using grayscale into your annual report

Annual Report templates for photoshop

You don’t have to be a design expert to make an attractive annual report, download our free annual report templates.

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Annual Report templates psd

Annual Report psd templates

Annual Report Ideas

Annual Report customizable psd design templates

Annual Report example psd design

Annual Report Example

Annual Report in photoshopAnnual Report in photoshop

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