Printable Analysis Template Sample

Analysis is a detailed and comprehensive research on a topics / object. This research can be related to the elements or structures of the object. To get accurate analysis results, you need accurate information about the topics / objects being analyzed. This information will be easier to obtain if you make use of an analysis template. This template helps your frame of mind when searching for information about the analysis’ topics / objects. We provide many free analysis templates here. Download the following templates that are relevant to your topics / objects of analysis:

  • Sample Stakeholder Analysis Template

Stakeholder analysis is defined as the process of identifying stakeholders (internal persona involved or having power in a project) before the project in question begins. The results of this analysis will classify stakeholders according to the level of participation, interest, and influence in the related project. Furthermore, the results of this analysis, which information is collected by using sample stakeholder analysis template, can be used to ensure the best steps in engaging and communicating with each stakeholder during the project.

  • SWOT Analysis Sample Template

SWOT is a term used in the business world to refer to Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The SWOT analysis aims to identify and analyze internal and external factors that can influence the sustainability of a particular product, project, place and person. Use the SWOT analysis sample template to enter information regarding the four important elements in a business, organisation, and person that is the object of analysis.

  • Sample Skills Gap Analysis

In the corporate world, understanding the skill gap is the range of differences in expertise between one employee and another employee. The results of the analysis can be used to find solutions on how to close the gap or reduce employee skill variations. Use our sample skill gap analysis to collect the information.

  • Root Cause Analysis Sample Template

Use the root cause analysis sample template to do an analysis looking for problems, errors, and faults in the telecommunications, transportation, information technology, medical, health industries. This problem-solving method is also called Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

  • Sample Risk Analysis Template

Risk analysis is one of the most important types of analysis in a business continuity. For this reason, this analysis directly influences the success of the business that you are running. One important point in this analysis is looking at the management and response of a business to risk. The results of the analysis can be used to evaluate and prioritize risks based on their severity. A sample risk analysis template usually contains the team responsible for emerging risks, positions, names, and contact information. Then, the team is asked to register the tasks according to priority. There is also a risk management guideline sheet that may arise when carrying out tasks.

  • Market Analysis Sample Template

Market analysis sample template is used for all important things in carrying out market analysis. These things include information about competitors, information about investors, description of market trends, and conclusions about the target market that will be targeted for marketing products / services.

  • Sample Job Safety Analysis Template

In order for a job to be guaranteed its security and productivity, a job safety analysis (hazard analysis) absolutely needs to be done. Matters discussed in Job Safety Analysis are ways to complete the work as safely as possible. You can find guidelines for recommending safe work completion procedures in the appendix to this analysis. Enter all the data that needs to be analysed in our sample job safety analysis template that we provide for free on

  • Job Analysis Template Sample

When a new employee starts a job at a new company or has just been transferred to a new department of the same company, he needs in-depth information about the job responsibilities he will do. In a job analysis template sample, he will find all the information about the work he will carry out. The template will also help him identify possible hazards.

  • Competitive Analysis Sample Template

There is always such a thing as competitions and competitors in a business. Identification of business competitors can be done thoroughly in competitive analysis. Of course, knowing market competition is essential for the health of your business. This competitive analysis also uses data collection methods regarding competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You can compare the conditions of your company with those of competitors and then design future business plans. Enter all the information in the competitive analysis sample template that we have provided on this site.

  • Value Chain Analysis Sample

Value chains are defined as business models that consist of activities needed to make a product to consumers or provide a service to customers. The value chain of a product starts from the procurement of raw materials, manufacturing processes to packaging, distribution processes, to marketing activities to end users. The similar process also happens in companies that provide services. Professional massage services, for example, start from registering massage staff, training massage staff to being able to service accordingly. The analysis is done by evaluating procedures involved in making a product or presenting a service thoroughly. The aim is to increase production efficiency so that companies can enjoy the biggest profits with the smallest expenses. Check out some value chain analysis samples here.

  • Sample Financial Statement Analysis Example

Formal records regarding the financial activities of a business, individual, or entity are referred to as financial statements. The term in the world of accounting is also known as financial reports. Financial information that is relevant to company conditions is presented in a structured form that is easy for ordinary people to understand. Usually, financial reports are accompanied by discussion and analysis from management. Attachments included in financial statements include balance sheets, income statements, statements of equity, and cash flow statements. Find references of sample financial statement analysis here.

  • Small Business SWOT Analysis Sample

Even though you are currently running a small business, you should already understand SWOT. This term, popular in the business world, can help you achieve success by identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of business. Use the following Small Business SWOT Analysis Sample Templates so you know exactly which areas you can improve when running your business.

  • Sample SWOT Analysis Worksheet

We provide SWOT analysis templates in Microsoft Word and Google Docs. However, if you prefer to record information for your SWOT analysis in a worksheet, you can download the sample SWOT analysis worksheet here.

  • Sample Restaurant Competitive Analysis

The culinary business will always be selling well because eating is a human need to survive. Even so, a restaurant not only needs to provide good food for customers to be in demand but also provides the right service, atmosphere and entertainment so that customers want to come back. Therefore, you must be able to provide things that are not owned by competitors. Just like the previous competitor analysis template, the following template also records the same information but specifically for the restaurant business. With this template, we hope that your restaurant’s competitive analysis will be easier. Download sample restaurant competitive analysis for free here.

  • Data Analysis Report Sample Template

After collecting important data, you need to conduct an analysis of these data. Reports from data analysis will be used by companies to find out the types of data analysed, both quantitative and qualitative data. You need to provide an explanation of the data collection process as well because it will be very meaningful for the evaluation of the business being operated. Take a look at some of the following data analysis report sample templates to find out what you need to write in the data collection report.

  • Sample Professional SWOT Analysis

Professional SWOT analysis in the business world is defined as an analysis of four characteristics of a business so that the results can be used to strengthen its sustainability. This analysis is commonly used in businesses that require a lot of ideas and clear market share. A professional SWOT analysis sample can clarify what data needs to be collected.

  • Product Market Analysis Template Sample

Review related to sales performance is one of the results of an analysis of product market analysis. Data collected includes product information, product genre, current sales market share, and market interest. The results of the product market analysis can be used to help businesses grow and develop further. Use our product market analysis template samples to start collecting related data of sales performance.

  • SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Sample Template

Commonly found at a company meeting is someone who presents a SWOT analysis that he is working on. To make a good presentation, he uses a computer program called PowerPoint. You can also make SWOT analysis presentations easily without having to write from scratch with the SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Sample Templates that we provide on this site.

  • Sample Pest Analysis Template

PEST analysis contains an in-depth study of four conditions namely political, economic, social and technological, to assess a market share. Get to know how to analyse PEST by looking at sample PEST analysis templates on this site.

  • Market Analysis Business Plan Sample

Market analysis is something that must be done regularly by a business so that business continuity is maintained. Include the target market and strategy in the analysis that you are working on. Business plans made based on conclusions from market analysis will be more effective than those that are not. A strong market strategy will make your company confidently approach the market. Write all your market analysis business plan samples here.

  • Sample Fast Food Industry Analysis

Fast food service has become a very popular service in the community. The food needs of modern society are completely instantaneously met by the existence of this service that is characterised by fast, affordable, and easily found everywhere. Fast food business needs to continue to analyse the movement of its business so as not to be overwhelmed by competitors. They also need to make the best use of venture capital in order to get the maximum profit. Look at the sample fast food industry analysis on this site.

  • Sample Marketing Analysis Sample Templates

Marketing analysis is a must for a company especially those who are trying to market a new product. This analysis can help you determine marketing steps in order to achieve the company’s business goals. You can see sample marketing analysis templates on this site for your future reference.

  • Cost Benefit Analysis Template Sample

A business certainly has a goal to get the maximum profit. Cost-benefit analysis is used by business people to analyze the benefits of decisions on an action. Sometimes, the element of analysis taken also considers the intangible benefits of a decision. For example, business profits relate to the cost of living in a city. You can make cost-benefit analysis templates as a guideline for entering information related to the object of analysis.

  • Business Analysis Sample Template

Business analysis is needed to identify several things that can hamper company profits, the best solution to maximize profits, and future business steps. A good analysis begins with collecting data that is complete, accurate, and relevant. Therefore, look at examples of business sample analysis templates on this site.

  • Analysis Essay Template Sample

An essay is a type of writing that contains the arguments of writers on a topic. It is basically an analysis accompanied by an opinion. Interestingly, the essay can be analysed again to assess how effective the argument in the essay is. To make an essay or analyse an essay, you can use the analysis essay template sample on this site. We provide analysis templates such as essay framework analysis templates (introduction, summary, analysis, and conclusion), character analysis pre-writing, literary analysis essay templates, and comparative analysis essays.

  • Sample Compensation Analysis Template

Compensation analysis aims to ensure that company expenditures are in line with internal factors such as employee salary adjustments and company goals and external factors such as current market trends. Because this analysis is quite complicated, you need to utilize sample compensation analysis templates to collect data. Make sure the market data you use comes from quality, reliable and trusted sources.

  • Company Analysis Report Template Sample

Companies need annual reports to evaluate their performance in the market. An important company analysis report (made using company analysis report template sample) is made so that stakeholders understand how successful the company is making profits. In making a report, you must know exactly the vision and mission of the business. Then, assess the products and services offered whether it can meet customer needs or not. Then, you have to analyse what needs to be done in the future to keep the business running smoothly. You also need to evaluate various marketing strategies that have the potential to attract the attention of your target market.

  • Business Needs Analysis Sample Template

Business analysis is needed to maintain business continuity. The conclusions of this analysis can be used to determine what is needed for your business to run smoothly as expected. You can learn the guidelines for making business analysis in the following business needs analysis templates.

  • Vendor Analysis Sample

Vendors are providers of goods and services to be used as raw materials for the company or sold directly to consumers, which means that they are part of the supply chain. You must prioritise getting vendors that meet the company’s requirements, expectations, and requests. With vendor analysis samples, you can find out what information you need to collect to make a good analysis.

  • Sample Trend Analysis Template

Knowing current trends is very useful for business people who want to release products. You have to understand your target customers, what they need, and what they want. Data collected include consumer behaviour, competitors’ actions in responding to trends, and tracking various influences. Use sample trend analysis templates to retrieve these data.

  • Training Needs Analysis Sample

After recruiting employees, a company may need to conduct training so that the employee has skills that are in accordance with the company’s operating standards. Before starting training, you need to identify the training needs and needs. Make a systematic chart listing what is needed with the help of Training Needs Analysis Samples on this site.

  • Training Gap Analysis Sample

Gap analysis training is a systematic approach to determine what is needed in job training; for example cost effectiveness, business needs, and competence of employees who want to conduct training. This analysis aims to make the trainees benefit from the exercise. Use training gap analysis samples to collect data related to the topic analysis.

  • TOWS Analysis Sample Templates

TOWS stands for Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Strengths. TOWS analysis is actually the same as SWOT analysis. Both help a company identify its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities that need to be taken, and external threats. Fill out information about the four elements in the TOWS analysis sample templates that we provide. Download it for free on this site.

  • Sample Target Market Analysis

Like all businesses, you need to know your target market so that the goods you offer sell. To attract the attention of consumers, you also need to do things that can include them in marketing activities. Guidelines for collecting data you can see in the sample target market analysis. Free to download, modify, and print analysis templates on this site.

  • SWOT Analysis Sample Templates

These SWOT analysis sample templates are useful if you want to collect the four elements’ information. This information can help you planning some business moves to ensure companies’ sustainability.

  • Sample SWOT Analysis PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a very powerful (pun intended) tool to present the results of a SWOT analysis. Use our sample SWOT analysis PowerPoint templates as a reference for you next SWOT analysis presentations.

  • Stock Analysis Sample

If you have a sales business, you must keep track of your stock. Do not run out of stock so that customers are disappointed and decide to cancel the order or excess stock so that you spend the cost of managing in the warehouse with the risk of expiration anyway. Stock analysis allows you to study trends, provide reports to investors, and resolve issues related to stock. The stock analysis samples we provide will help you find out what information you need to include in your analysis.

  • Sample Social Media Competitive Analysis

Social media has become a part of our lives in this modern era. In fact, social media can influence the effectiveness of business promotion. To survive in the market, you need to know how your competitors use social media to increase their impact on consumers. If necessary, you can combine this comparative analysis with SWOT analysis. Download our Social Media Competitive Analysis Sample here.

  • Situation Analysis Template Sample

Situation analysis is often carried out by a company to find out how successful their business plans are going forward. There are several situation analysis model options; the most popular are the 5C Analysis and the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Analysis. The 5C analysis aims to obtain in-depth information about the company’s current position, the company’s competitive advantage compared to competitors, and expandable market opportunities. Situation analysis template samples provide you with a framework for gathering data and processing it into a good analysis.

  • Simple Root Cause Analysis Sample Templates

If you want to know the process and system that contributed to an event, you can do a simple root cause analysis. You can use the results of this RCA analysis to reduce the likelihood of future incidents and ultimately reduce the total operating costs. Simple root cause analysis templates can consist of RCA analysis guidelines, RCA analysis report forms, and RCA analysis accidents lists.

  • Simple Cost Benefit Analysis Templates Sample

In business operations, you are required to make decisions that bring profit to the company. Avoid making bad strategic decisions by first conducting a cost benefit analysis. The conclusion from this analysis can greatly help you manage the financial operations of your business. The simple cost benefit analysis template samples that we provide certainly can help you gather relevant data.

  • Sample Training Gap Analysis Templates

Before employee training begins, the person in charge of training needs to conduct a gap analysis aimed at identifying differences in employee skills. After knowing this information, they will be able to plan what training is right for them to have the expertise the company needs. You can download, modify, and print our sample gap analysis training templates that we have provided on this site.

  • Sample SWOT Analysis PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a computer program that aims to make presentations. You can use this program to make a PowerPoint SWOT analysis sample.

  • SWOT Analysis Chart Sample Template

Data analysis is the process of interpreting data that has been taken. After retrieving the data, the researcher tidied the data and organised it into tables, graphs, diagrams, etc. Thus, if you are working on a SWOT analysis, you are advised to make a SWOT Analysis Chart so that your presentation is easily understood by stakeholders. Look at the SWOT Analysis Chart Sample Templates on this site.

  • Sample Software Gap Analysis

Software gap analysis is an analysis carried out to assess differences in performance between software applications. The conclusion from this analysis is used to design plans and decisions that support the company’s success. You can see sample software gap analysis templates on this site to find out what information needs to be collected which will be the object of analysis.

  • Sample Personal SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis can not only be carried out on a company but also individuals. If you need an objective means to evaluate yourself, you can write relevant information about your SWOT on your personal SWOT analysis blank. A sample personal SWOT analysis usually contains questions related to your performance when working on tasks assigned by the company. The results of the analysis you can use to be more productive, complete tasks more effectively, and prepare yourself to handle more responsibilities.

  • Sample Needs Analysis

Needs analysis is an analysis of a company’s needs. This needs assessment must be adjusted to the objectives to be achieved and always follow the guidelines provided by the intended recipient. Use our sample needs analysis templates you identify your purposes when creating your assessment report.

  • Sample Marketing SWOT Analysis

For business marketing needs, the decisions taken must be in accordance with the situation, goals, and expectations of the company. Check out some sample SWOT analysis marketing on this site to find out what data needs to be taken to be assessed and processed into conclusions.

  • Sample Healthcare SWOT Analysis

In any business, including the health care business, SWOT analysis needs to be done to provide the best service to patients. A SWOT analysis worksheet contains questions about health services provided by the company. It is very important for companies to study the sample healthcare SWOT analysis so that the conclusions drawn by stakeholders are beneficial for all parties.

  • Sample Hospital SWOT Analysis

Same as healthcare SWOT analysis, you also need to perform hospital SWOT analysis if you are running the business. We believe that the questionnaire for hospital SWOT analysis is similar to the healthcare SWOT analysis. Please observe our sample hospital SWOT analysis templates in this site for your references.

  • Sample Gap Analysis Report

Looking for examples of sample gap analysis reports? You have come to the right site. Follow the link that we have provided that will take you to our exhaustive repository.

  • Sample Employee SWOT Analysis

Analysis of employee characteristics can also be included in a SWOT analysis. You can share questionnaires with them to collect relevant data. For example, this method is considered to lead to subjective answers; you can choose foremen as respondents. Some questions that can be asked, for example, “Are workers doing their jobs well?”, “Do workers experience interference when completing tasks?”, “Are there external factors that affect the workplace that affect the fulfilment of workers’ performance expectations?” and so forth. You can download some sample employee SWOT analysis templates here.

  • Sample Data Gap Analysis

Gap analysis data detect differences in capacity from the various data collected. The results of data collection are then processed into easily digestible graphs. Then, the researcher interprets this data to be a conclusion. Criticisms and suggestions for the company’s survival will be given at the end of the analysis. There are several types of data gap analysis including data privacy gap analysis, environmental data gap analysis, clinical data gap analysis, and data report gap analysis. All examples of this analysis can be found on the sample data gap analysis page.

  • Sample Business Gap Analysis

Like other data gap analysis, the sample business gap analysis presents examples of how to manage and interpret data. You need to work on a report that is easily understood by stakeholders. You can use our free templates so that you can more easily process existing data.

  • Sample Blank SWOT Analysis

A fixed template might make it difficult for you because the columns are too rigid. Sometimes, a blank template is easier to use than a template that already contains a lot of detailed information. That is why we provide sample blank SWOT analysis for your SWOT data collection needs. This template is perfect for use when the data you want to retrieve is thought to contain a lot of information.

  • Sample Sales Analysis

Sales are an important element of a commercial business. Sales analysis is very important because the results can be used to determine whether the company is profitable / not, what obstacles / threats during the sales process, and solutions to increase sales. Download free sample sales analysis here.

  • Restaurant SWOT Analysis Template Forms Sample

Restaurant is a business that provides food to customers in a place. As with other businesses, a restaurant needs to analyse the strengths of its brand, service weaknesses, opportunities to win the culinary market, and the threat of other restaurants in a SWOT analysis. Look up your Restaurant SWOT Analysis Template Forms Sample on this site.

  • Requirements Analysis Sample Templates

Requirement analysis is a method of in-depth research on what is needed by a business so that the business can move forward. A requirements analysis sample template can contain a table listing the requirements and reasons of requirements of a condition. Other templates list detailed information on a project such as project name, agency, project sponsor, project manager, date of last revision, document status, document responsible, document scope, and business needs.

  • Regression Analysis Excel Sample

Regression analysis investigates the relationship between two or more variables of interest and then tests the effects of one or more independent variables on a dependent variable. The results of this analysis can be used to improve the products and services provided by a company. The regression analysis excel sample available on this site gives you an idea of how to determine research variables, retrieve relevant data, and process data to obtain detailed insight.

  • Real Estate Market Analysis Templates Sample

Real estate is defined as shared land with whatever remains on the land. When you buy or sell property, you are advised to do a real estate market analysis. There are several objectives that can be achieved by conducting this analysis. First, you get knowledge about the current housing market. Second, you understand the price of property that has a classification similar to your own property. Finally, you can accurately price the house. Download real estate market analysis sample templates on this site as your guide.

  • Project Financial Analysis Template Sample

Financial analysis is an in-depth examination of the company’s performance using the company’s financial data reports. The conclusions from the results of the study can be used as recommendations about how the company can improve its performance going forward. Check out our project financial analysis template sample that we have provided for free on this site.

  • Sample Project Analysis

Project analysis is carried out to find out whether the project can run according to expectations and within the budget. This analysis plays an important role in the evaluation, feasibility, execution, and design of a project. Check out some examples of sample project analysis on this site.

  • Sample Product Gap Analysis

Product gap analysis examines the company’s current performance in marketing their products. The purpose of the analysis is to identify the difference between your current business conditions and your expectations. Analysis recommendations can be used to increase profits, product quality, and business efficiency. Our sample product gap analysis templates can guide you in making your own analysis.

  • Product Cost Analysis Templates Samples

A product certainly costs money to produce it. You can do an analysis related to the amount of production costs which are usually referred to as product cost analysis. This research can be used as a tool to determine the material used to produce goods and individual costs to produce one item. Our product cost analysis template samples can help you collect data relevant to the analysis objects.

  • Poetry Analysis Templates Sample

We can appreciate a poem by doing poetry analysis. A poet would certainly appreciate those who do close reading of the poem he wrote. Like other literary works, a poem is not made to be read only once. There are many nuances present in a poetry that are sure to be missed when someone only reads it briefly or once. In fact, you might need some kind of questionnaire to help your in-depth analysis of a poem. If you need guidance in analysing a poem, you use our poetry analysis template samples. In the template, you can see that a poem can be analysed internally or externally. Examine the poetic devices of said poem to analyse its internal aspects. For example, find how the poem imageries convey meanings. On the other hand, external analysis put the focus in the cultural, historical, or social information of a poem. Both types of analysis will certainly provide a thorough understanding of a poem. However, the majority of good analysis only draws an interesting little part of a poem. The aim is none other than to make a poetry analysis more focused, in-depth, and if possible, revolutionary.

  • Pestle Analysis Sample Templates

PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental) analysis helps you assess the risks arising from the impact of external factors when conducting business operations. You can present data from PESTLE analysis in the form of tables, diagrams, or descriptions. Regardless of how you present data, you can see an example here: PESTLE Analysis Sample Templates.

  • Personal SWOT Analysis Sample

We are updating our Personal SWOT Analysis Sample to ensure you get the best template sample when conducting your research. Get it for free here.

  • Sample Organizational Analysis

Organizational analysis is the process of evaluating employees, working conditions, workflows, and operations of an organization. This analysis is conducted regularly to identify problems and conflicts that might arise. The conclusions from the processed data will be useful to determine the steps needed to manage them. You see the guidelines in our sample organizational analysis.

  • Needs Analysis Template Sample

Our needs analysis template sample helps you determine the relevant data to be added in the analysis. Download it for free now in various file types.

  • Sample Market Segmentation Analysis

Market segmentation is defined as a process taken by a company or brand to divide their marketing goals into smaller segments. These segments are usually classified according to the general characteristics of people. This market segmentation aims to optimize marketing, advertising, and sales activities. There are four types of market segmentation according to geographical, demographic, psycho-graphic, and behavioural. Relevant data to help describe these four types is very valuable in market segmentation analysis. Get free sample market segmentation analysis templates on this site.

  • Sample Market Analysis Templates

Market analysis is very important for business people to find out their market share in the business world. Get sample market analysis templates in this place in various types of files that can be downloaded for free.

  • Marketing SWOT Analysis Sample

For marketing activities to be more effective and efficient, a person in charge of the project needs to do a SWOT analysis of the products and competitors in the market. This analysis can be used to develop a product marketing plan to be accepted by the public. Marketing SWOT analysis sample templates can be downloaded for free here.

  • Literary Analysis Sample Templates

Literary analysis is an in-depth essay about a literary work, for example poetry, short stories, novels, drama, films, and other nonfiction works. A literary work which is the object of literary analysis research is examined thoroughly to find the conclusions that become the points of the essay. The points expressed are supported by the analysis of elements of the literary work, both internal and external elements, depending on the approach taken. A literary analysis is not a summary. If you only want to make a summary of the literary work you are reading, you should write a synopsis. And if you just want to give your opinion after reading the work without having to make specific support arguments, maybe you can consider writing a review. Ultimately, a literary analysis reveals the meaning behind the writing / presentation of the work. When you write literary analysis, your focus is on explaining what makes the story “work”. Examine our literary analysis sample templates to get the gist of what data you must collect when writing one.

  • Job Safety Analysis Samples

When doing a job, we should already know all the information about the job, including its safety. A template about job safety contains a column describing job procedures, health principles, and job safety guidelines. Job safety analysis aims to identify potential dangerous risks that may come when doing certain jobs. This will help the company establish a standard operation procedure that is safe for its employees and install warning signs around the workplace if necessary. Look at our job safety analysis samples to find out what information is needed to determine whether a job has implemented safety principles or not.

  • Industry Analysis Sample Template

Companies use industry analysis to assess the competitive dynamics of theirs. The analysis results can be used by them to understand what is happening in the industry, for example the degree of competition between companies, the future prospects of the industry, the influence of external factors, and demand and supply statistics. A good industry analysis contains several points as follows: brief information about the industry, a review of developing trends, identification of factors that influence the operation of an industry, and analysis of data collected. Follow our industry analysis sample templates to get a better grasp on how to perform the analysis.

  • Sample Impact Analysis

Impact analysis is used by companies as a measure of their success or failure when doing business. The template for gathering data can be in the form of a questionnaire. In the questionnaire, respondents who were appointed by the company were asked to fill out a form. He must write how much the cumulative impact of an impact category is symbolised in the range. The impact categories that can be investigated include loss of income, additional expenses, customer service, etc. You can see sample impact analysis templates here.

  • Sample Human Resources SWOT Analysis

Human resources department is in charge of managing resources related to employees. The main HR tasks include managing recruitment and staffing, compensation and benefits, training and learning, workforce and employee relations, and organisational development. There are several methods that HR departments can do to manage staffing, one of which is conducting HR SWOT Analysis. This analysis can provide an overview of the performance of human resources in a company, competition between human resources, risks related to human resources, and matters relating to it. Our Sample Human Resources SWOT Analysis can guide you to make your analysis more feasible, effective, and beneficial.

  • HR SWOT Analysis Sample

The human resources department in a company is tasked with managing the resources to work according to the company’s requirements. They also oversee employees and keep their needs as a human being fulfilled. In a company, there must be a balance between duties and employee rights. If not, the company will not run ideally. Use SWOT analysis as a measure to design policies that benefit various parties. Download our HR SWOT Analysis Samples here.

  • Sample HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a US law that is designed to provide privacy standards so that patient medical records and other health information is protected. Meanwhile, HIPAA Security Risk Analysis is an analysis to assess the potential risks of electronic protected health information (ePHI) accurately and comprehensively. Use our Sample HIPAA Security Risk Analysis as a guide for you to complete this important task.

  • Hotel SWOT Analysis Sample Template

SWOT analysis can also be used to control the progress of a company. Analysis of the strength of a hotel brand, loyal guests, and sophisticated technology can be put into the Strengths column. While the condition of companies that become Weaknesses, for example, lack of capital, too much debt, and unsatisfactory customer service in the eyes of the guests. The Opportunities column can be filled with external factors that can provide a competitive advantage to the hotel. Finally, threats describe the factors that can hurt a hotel company. Search into our extensive Hotel SWOT Analysis Sample Templates here.

  • Healthcare SWOT Analysis Sample

If you need healthcare SWOT analysis samples as references in making a SWOT analysis, you can download it for free here, too. The healthcare industry needs much more careful treatment than other industries.

  • Sample Hazard Vulnerability Analysis

Hazard vulnerability is defined as any potential that can cause disaster in a place. Analysis of this potential can be used as one of the company’s considerations when designing policies. Important components in this analysis include identification of hazard events, asset inventories, and estimates that must be released to manage the risk of hazard events. Sample hazard vulnerability analysis can be used as a reference for you to manage your analysis data.

  • Hazard Analysis Sample

Before the risk of dangerous events occurs, you must first identify the potential for dangerous events in your work field. These data are processed and represented in conclusions from hazard analysis. Download out collection of hazard analysis samples here.

  • Sample Gap Analysis Template Examples

When you want to find out how much distance between the two variables you specify, you can use the gap analysis method. In the business world, a gap analysis examines the difference between the company’s current condition and your expectations. It’s easy to make a gap analysis using the following sample gap analysis template examples.

  • Gap Analysis Spreadsheet Sample

And if you want to process data for your gap analysis more easily, you are welcome to download our following gap analysis spreadsheet sample templates.

  • Free Freight Cost Analysis Sample Templates

Commodities and merchandise produced by a company need to be distributed to retail stores and end users. The physical process of distributing these goods is called freight transport. Freight costs are certainly one of the main expenses of a company. For this reason, you need to analyse these transportation costs so that the company’s balance sheet is not negative by the end of a fiscal year. There are several challenges that you will encounter when analysing freight costs. First, you must have an in-depth knowledge of pricing. Then, you should be able to calculate insurance, services, fees, and other additional costs. You also have to find out which shipping service is the most profitable of the various options. Find free freight cost analysis sample templates on this site to guide you in collecting data about the cost of transportation of company commodities.

  • Free SWOT Analysis Sample Template

We provide SWOT analysis templates in various file types such as Word, Excel, and PDF on this site. Find the free SWOT analysis sample templates of your choice now.

  • Sample Free Gap Analysis Template

How to write a gap analysis: 1.) Make a definition of the focus area / boundary. 2.) Identifying desired future conditions. 3.) Apply the KPIs to the gap analysis. Get a reference to write a gap analysis here: sample free gap analysis templates.

  • Forced Field Analysis Templates Sample

All forces, both for and against, which have influences on the current situation are the main objectives in force field analysis. Keep in mind; humans behave based on their strengths, whether it’s beliefs, hopes, or cultural norms. Some of the strengths are positive while some other forces are negative. This analysis will help you understand all types of situations that occur in life from various perspectives with the help of force field analysis diagrams. Check out the references here: force field analysis template sample.

  • Sample Financial Statement Analysis

The purpose of making financial statements is to provide information related to the results of operations, financial position and financial flows of an individual, a company or an organisation. This information can be used by the reader to make decisions regarding the allocation of resources. For companies, financial statements can be a source of information about a company’s ability to generate profits, disclose the volume of expenditure, and analyse trends. Therefore, always pay attention to what is written in a sample financial statement analysis, you can see the examples in this site.

  • Feasibility Analysis Sample Template

Feasibility analysis is the process of ensuring that a strategy, plan, or design makes sense and can be done by a team. There are seven common types of feasibility analysis, namely financial feasibility analysis, schedule feasibility analysis, technical feasibility analysis, market feasibility analysis, regulations and standards feasibility analysis, organisational feasibility analysis, and operations feasibility analysis. These seven types of analysis are grouped according to the object of analysis. Download our free feasibility analysis sample templates here.

  • Financial Analysis Sample Template

Project financial analysis is done when a company working on a project wants to know their performance. Recommendations made based on this analysis can be used to make projections of how the company’s performance will be in the future. There are at least 12 types of financial analysis, namely vertical analysis, horizontal analysis, leverage analysis, growth analysis, profitability analysis, liquidity analysis, efficiency analysis, cash flow analysis, rates of return analysis, valuation analysis, scenario & sensitivity analysis, and variance analysis. Download our financial analysis sample templates here.

  • Failure Analysis Sample Template

Failure analysis is used to identify the main causes of a problem, especially business problems. The results of this analysis can be used to find solutions and plan ways to avoid further failures. To find out the main factors of failure, you can use several methods including primary cause tree, fishbone diagrams, and 5 whys. After you have collected and analysed the data, you are advised to write a failure analysis essay explaining the object of analysis that you are researching along with its conclusions and suggestions to the readers. See the example essay here: failure analysis sample template.

  • Sample Data Analysis

The data taken to do sample data analysis must be relevant. Irrelevant data can indicate incoherence and lack of focus in conducting the analysis. You also have to determine how to retrieve data; whether qualitative or quantitative. The type of data captured is closely related to the type of business, the data desired, and the way to do the analysis. You also need to pay special attention to data sources. Only select trusted data sources. Check out the method here: sample data analysis.

  • Fault Tree Analysis Sample

Fault tree analysis (FTA) is a risk analysis with a quantitative approach represented by a structured diagram. The diagram contains elements that can cause system failure. The resulting risk impacts are sought based on deductive logic and risk identification. The purpose of fault tree analysis is to give an idea to a team to think about and manage the pattern of errors that occur to determine errors at a specific level. The benefit is to provide unique insights into how the project operates and potential project failures. See how we write fault tree analysis sample here.

  • Sample Employee SWOT Analysis

The company, especially HRD, is responsible for knowing the skills of all employees in order to place them in the posts that are most beneficial for both parties. HRD can conduct sample employee SWOT analysis to achieve these goals.

  • Earned Value Analysis Sample

Current performance has been proven to be the best indicator of future performance. Therefore, by utilising current data trends, you can map costs or work schedules for specific projects. Earned Value has been regarded as the most comprehensive trend analysis technique to use. This technique can show how much budget and time must be spent considering the amount of work that has been completed until the time the analysis was made. Check out how to make a good earned value analysis on this site for free: earned value analysis sample.

  • Sample Customer Profitability Analysis

Customer Profitability Analysis (CPA) is an analytical method for calculating management accounting and credit guarantees by associating profits and costs for each customer separately. This method analyses past events of different customers (retrospective). Learn about the sample customer profitability analysis on this site for free.

  • Customer Analysis Sample Template

Customer analysis is considered very important in a business plan or company marketing plan. The steps of this analysis are collecting relevant data, identifying target customers, ascertaining customer needs, and determining how the product provided can meet those needs. There are two types of customer analysis namely behaviour profile analysis and demographic profile analysis. Behavioural profile analysis explains why the product you produce fits into the customer’s lifestyle. Meanwhile, demographic profile analysis illustrates the demographic attributes of customers. Look at customer analysis sample templates on this site; free, no licensing issues.

  • Sample Critical Analysis

Critical analysis of the essay of literature is a paper that suggests the effectiveness of a literary work. The works analysed can be in the form of poems, short stories, novels, articles, films, paintings, and so forth. Since your goal is to present an exposition that is understood by the reader, write an essay with a proper structure. To write an analysis of literary criticism, you must first find the literary work you wish to examine. First, perform a close reading of the literary work. After that, find points that catch your attention. Focus on the specifics that are the topic of your analysis. Choose the appropriate approach to answer the question or prove your hypothesis. Give appropriate arguments. Write a conclusion that answers the purpose of your essay. Look for many references about sample critical analysis on this site.

  • Cost Benefit Analysis Templates Sample

Grow your business by knowing what is most profitable for your business. Perform a cost benefit analysis to explain the potential of certain projects and how to get the biggest profit for the company. Check out our exhaustive lists of cost-benefit analysis template sample here.

  • Sample Cost Benefit Analysis

Our list has been extensively expanded here. We always update the list frequently to give you the best examples regarding sample cost-benefit analysis templates.

  • Competitor SWOT Analysis Sample

Competitor SWOT analysis is a method of knowing how strong and weak business competitors are, market opportunities, and external threats that can disrupt business continuity. Find out how a competitor SWOT analysis is made here: competitor SWOT analysis sample templates.

  • Sample Competitor Analysis Template

You can also see examples of this here: sample competitor analysis templates. Download the sample for free now.

  • Competitive Analysis Sample

You can also see other examples here: competitive analysis sample templates.

  • Company Analysis Sample Template

Investors conducts company analysis to evaluate security and collect information related to company profiles, products and services, as well as the benefits. This company analysis is also known as fundamental analysis. The things that need to exist in the company analysis are as follows: 1.) company introduction, 2.) overall condition of the company, 3.) SWOT analysis, 4.) management and financial analysis, and 5.) list of future prospects. Get company analysis sample templates here.

  • College SWOT Analysis Sample

Who says a SWOT analysis can only be done to determine employee qualifications? In fact, you might consider analysing which campus is your preferred place of study in the future with the SWOT method. This analysis can also be done by campus stakeholders to assess the extent of the university’s performance, opportunities to develop the reach / quality of studies, and threats from competing universities. Look at our College SWOT Analysis Samples here.

  • Checklist Trend Analysis Sample Templates

Trend analysis is a method of knowing the trends of a group of people related to the possibility of the community buying goods / services sold by a company / retail store. You need a special document namely checklist trend analysis sample templates to help you collect appropriate data. You must fill it in with details and current market activity.

  • Cause and Effect Analysis Templates Sample

Cause and effect analysis is a method of drawing conclusions logically that everyone needs to master. This is mainly taught to school children by the method of looking for cause and effect in an essay. This is an important part of building and improving students’ analytical skills. Another example is practising writing explanatory paragraphs about natural phenomena. For students, causal analysis can be applied when determining the causes and consequences that occur in a plot of the story, war, and important events. Check out our cause and effect analysis templates sample here which we will update frequently.

  • Sample Cash Flow Analysis Template

Statements of cash flows are financial statements containing information on cash receipts and disbursements of a company for a certain period. Statements of cash flows can be done by direct or indirect methods. Direct cash flow reports classify operations into various categories so that they are easy to understand and provide complete information. Meanwhile, indirect cash flow reports focus on the difference between net income and cash flow from operating activities. This method is more efficient in terms of cost because it uses data that is already available directly within the company. Whatever your method, look for real examples here: sample cash flow analysis template.

  • Case Analysis Sample

Case analysis is a method of knowing what actually happens to an event in a particular environment. Types of analyses such as (case analysis samples) business case analysis templates, marketing case analysis templates, forensic case analysis templates, and strategic management case analysis templates. A good analysis can identify problems, plan alternative solutions, calculate the benefits of each proposed solution, estimate the costs that may have to be spent to run every possible solution, explore whether the existing solution can be done (feasibility), estimate the risks, and recommend best solution.

  • Sample Business Plan SWOT Analysis

To be able to run a successful business, you must be able to make a solid business plan. Use sample business plan SWOT analysis so you can make a good plan for the company. Important issues to be analysed include strategy building, matching and converting, and corporate planning. Please look at the sample business SWOT analysis templates on this page.

  • Business Impact Analysis Sample

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is used to predict disruption consequences of business functions. Some of the recommendations listed in the analysis are needed to build a business recovery strategy. To be able to make a good business impact analysis document, consider the following steps: 1.) get approval from senior management of the project to be carried out, 2.) take information relevant to the topic of analysis using valid methods such as interviews or questionnaires, 3. ) make a BIA report by processing the data that has been taken. Look at the Business Impact Analysis Sample Templates on this site.

  • Sample Business GAP Analysis

Business Gap Analysis is needed by business people to control transactions, present better plans for transactions, and balance the financial condition of the business. You need to have expertise to identify areas that must be analysed, objectives to be achieved, set ideal future conditions, and analyse the present situation. After that, you are required to compare the current situation with the desired ideal state. Describe the gap and the difference in quantity between the two. Then, try to make a plan that bridges the gap. Sample Business Gap Analysis can be downloaded for free here.

  • Business Case Analysis Sample

The business case analysis has the following objectives: recommend selected alternatives based on comparisons to find effective business ways, list possible methods that can be accepted to make business better, and become important documents made based on facts. Some popular examples of business case analysis sample include financial business case analysis templates, business case risk analysis templates, and project business case analysis templates.

  • Sample Break Even Analysis Template Examples

In the business world, there is a comprehensive guide to help company set targets in terms of unites or income (called break-even analysis). The company used the method to determine profitability levels. The results can be used by companies to set targets that can cover production costs and generate profits. You can see the Sample Break Even Analysis Template Examples here.

  • Bow Tie Risk Analysis Template Sample

The Bow-tie method gets its name from the form of the diagram results of its analysis shaped like a men’s bow-tie. In high risk scenarios, the company can use the evaluation method to analyse and show causal relationships. Find out about the Bow-tie method here: Bow Tie Risk Analysis Template Sample.

  • Sample Blank SWOT Analysis Template

Sometimes, you only need an empty form to write data that is relevant to your analysis. If so, use the Sample Blank SWOT Analysis Template to write down the data that you will use for the SWOT analysis.

  • Audience Analysis Template Sample

Audience analysis is a method for identifying, understanding, and grouping audiences. This is useful to influence them to be interested in buying the product you offer. Use the Audience Analysis Template Sample to find out more about your audience.

  • Sample Analysis Report Template

When you do an analysis, of course you have to make a report. There are several agencies that require you to make reports according to procedure. Take a look at our sample analysis report templates so you can make reports easily, neatly, and quickly.