How to Make an Analysis Report Template Properly

Sometimes, you need to make an analysis report template. This can be delivered in a document, through a presentation or both. However, you have to know well about the structure or format. In this article, we will share the guidelines how to write this report rightly.

How to Write an Analysis Report Template

A business analysis report template should be started with the introduction. Here, you can begin with the project background first. You have to keep it short but clear so that the reader will be able to understand it well. There are some rules in making an intro.

If this is for a presentation, you cannot use BOSCARD in the entirety. Besides that, you also should not go over more than a single page. Then, you also must not write down the presentation in detail. In the introduction, you need to put some bullet points for the reasons of the project.

After making the intro, what you have to do is to report the approach. It is important to report the approach because you can make others understand how you offer your recommendations. In reporting the approach, you should not be too detailed but keep it simple and clear.

In this section, you have to explain what you did during the project. Besides that, you also need to explain about the process mapping, statistical analysis and voice of the employees. In addition, you also should list the tools & explain why they are advantageous or beneficial.

Then, this business analysis report form requires you to report the outcome of the techniques used. You can slot in your recommendations to gauge an early response. It will let you show why you make these recommendations in more detail. You cannot go through process mapping in minute detail.

Still related to this section, you must not pick out important aspects of the process mapping. Keep in mind that it is not a chance to verify that your knowledge of process is accurate. It is a chance to make people aware that you will be able to spot problems in a process.

Next, what you have to do is to summarize your findings. Here, there are 2 opportunities. The first is to win round the employee that will be affected by your recommendation. The second is to make the business leaders accept your recommendation by the issue impact you describe in your findings.

Lastly, you will need to summarize your recommendations. In writing this, you have to categorize them. You can categorize them by People, Process & System. You can explain whether it is a culture or technology issue. Make this explanation as clear as possible you can to make all understand.

It may be difficult to fix but if it is done rightly & fast, it will be much cheaper than if you implement a system that cannot even fix the issues. You must have won round the audience by this point. Hopefully this helps you in writing a proper analysis report template.


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