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An activity report can be defined as a work plan which can be customized. It depends on the person or group’s needs. Sometimes, you will need to create this report. If you have never seen an activity report template, you have to pay attention to the following guidelines.

Sample Daily Report

Types of Activity Report Template

There are many types of activity reports. One of them is a weekly activity report template. It is an outline of daily routines in a week’s time. This is made to see the daily changes which affect the operations in the whole week. It also aims to identify ways how to develop specified areas.

Sample Blank Suspicious Activity Report

The second type is a daily activity report template. This one is used by a person to assess whether the things he or she does has helped him or her to reach the goals. It can relate to personal or professional undertakings.

Then, there is also a cultural activity report template. It is used by a person who has attended a cultural program or event and will make an assessment of what happened during the entirety of the cultural program or event.

Another type is a sales activity report template. It is made by a sales agent to assure that he or she will hit the quota in a period of time. Besides that, this is also usually used to report to the management for the current updates of the sales operations of the company.

Why Do You Need an Activity Report?

Writing and using an activity report has some benefits. At least, there are 3 benefits you need to know. First of all, it assesses what happened in a certain event, which can be the basis to identify which items worked in providing the successes of the activity.

Sample Cultural Report

Besides that, it also records important things that have happened during a certain activity that can be a good reference for the organizer. Then, an activity report form also itemizes the areas of an activity & procedure reports about the activity programs that need to be removed, changed or commended.

How to Make an Activity Report

If you want to write an activity report, you have to know about the elements that should be included. Basically, it contains 3 main elements. First, it provides information about the endeavor or activity. It should explain what it is about, the date, and also the names of the team.

Second, it contains the tasks of the members. Besides that, it also comes with an explanation of whether those tasks are correctly done or not. It should also explain whether those tasks are done completely and on time or not.   Sample Daily Sales Activity

Sample Employee Activity Report
Sample Formal Brokerage ActivitySample Maintenance Activity in PDFSample Personnel Activity ReportSample Quarterly ReportSample Weekly Activity Report in PDF

Lastly, an activity report template has the challenges that the members have encountered in managing and organizing the activity. Considering the importance of an activity report, you have to be able to make it on your own. If you need a reference, it will be a good idea to see and use our free templates.

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