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Actor resume, also commonly referred to as acting resume, is a special resume that is owned by actors who are looking for roles in a theater, film, TV, or other media. Unlike other resumes that someone usually includes when looking for a job, acting resumes are usually accompanied by a photo of the actor (headshot), and highlight their acting experience, their last roles they performed, where they had their acting training, as well as agency or representative contact information. Of course, the actor’s personal information relating to the resume is also attached. To make an actor’s acting resume look more attractive than other actors, they can include unique things about the actor, such as traits, skills, awards, and other abilities. Therefore, making an acting resume can be a challenging job. You need the right acting resume templates and guidelines to create a memorable acting resume.

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Steps to make an acting resume:

1. Customize your resume according to the role you want to take

Even though you have a lot of experience in many acting mediums, you must put forward experience related to the role you want to pursue. If you are applying to play a role in a film, list experience related to film acting, skills, and training relevant to the position.

2. Include your contact information that can be reached

Personally identifiable information such as full name, current acting role, email address and contact phone number must be included on your acting resume. Also include the name, contact number and email of your guardian / manager / representative / agent if you have them under the information about your personal data.

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3. Include your physical characteristics information

As someone pursuing a career in acting, know that looks are your first selling point. The company that employs you must know your physical characteristics / traits. So, include your height, weight, hair type, hair color, eye color, and dress size on your acting resume. Casting director will look at your physical characteristics and match the list of available roles.

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4. Include a summary of your acting experience, training, and accomplishments

This section can also be referred to as the content of an acting resume. If you have a fair amount of screen experience, write a resume summary of your acting history, as well as the awards you received. Include a list of your acting experiences in reverse-chronological order. Typically, your last 10 years acting experience; along with your training and accomplishments (awards) if any. However, if you have no acting experience or are just starting out in your acting career, you can highlight the role you want and your strengths (skills) that make you the best candidate for the role.

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5. Attach your acting resume behind your headshot

Before printing your acting resume, proofread the contents first. Make corrections to really suit your will. Make sure your acting resume is printed on a piece of 8 x 10 inch paper.

Download your free acting resume templates here in our website. We provide these templates that you can modify, upload, and print free for job-seeking purposes.

acting resume psd templates

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Acting Resume Design Ideas

acting resume psd templates

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Acting Resume Ideas

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acting resume in photoshop

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