An acceptance of a resignation letter basically could be used for several purposes. In other words, you may adjust the letter with your purposes. Here are the things you could do with an acceptance of a resignation letter.

  1. The first and most common use of acceptance of resignation letter is to accept the employee’s resignation. This kind of letter is usually created by the employer and sent to the employee informing them that the resignation is officially accepted. Thus, the employee may continue following the procedures and agreement written both in the letter and the company’s resignation rules.
  2. Not only accepting the resignation, but this letter could also be about the employer’s appreciation for the employee’s hard work the dedication to the company.
  3. One of the reasons for resignation is retirement. Therefore, an employer may inform the employee about the acceptance of a resignation letter that is followed by the process of withdrawing a certain amount of retirement funds.

186 What are the functions of acceptance of resignation letter

Should an employer respond to a resignation letter?

When an employee decides to end their job in the company, they are able to write a resignation letter to the hiring manager. Then, to provide the best reason and to claim legally that the request has been officially made, the employer may give respond to the resignation letter. However, it is based on the company’s rules. In short, the acceptance of a resignation letter is optional depends on which employer it is.

Tips to write a proper acceptance of resignation letter

  1. Write the letter according to the formal lettering format

The formal lettering format usually consists of formal and polite language. To find out further about the format, you may download the template freely or ask others who have been experienced with the template.

  1. Keep the letter short, simple and professional

Notifying an employee about the acceptance of the job could send through email too. Most importantly, if things are handled through online platforms then you may need to inform the employee quickly and effectively. as a result, writing a brief letter would be a very nice letter to send to.

  1. Before sending in the letter to the employee, ensure you have checked the letter thoroughly to prevent misunderstanding and confusion. Besides some error grammars or spellings may appear which degrade the quality of the letter.

What to do after receiving an acceptance of resignation letter?

After receiving the letter, either through the mailman or email inbox, the first thing you have to do is to clarify the document.

  1. check the sender’s address by phone or inspecting the letter carefully looking for the official logo.
  2. Then, the next thing to do is to read the letter carefully. If the employer sends an acceptance resignation letter, you should check it due to any matters related to the job transition progress. It may contain an important offer asked by the employer about your resignation.
  3. Complete all the remaining progress of the resignation. In other words, before you leave the job you have to maintain professionalism and follow the company’s rules of employee resignation.
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