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Resume is an official document made by someone to highlight their educational background, their skills, and their academic achievements. Resumes can be used for a variety of purposes. However, primarily, a resume is used to apply for a job.

Academic Resume in psd design

A resume usually contains a summary of work experience relevant to the job to be applied for and educational experience. Usually also, a resume is equipped with a cover letter or application for employement, followed by an interview.

Here are the steps for making an academic resume:

1. Use the right format

Academic resumes should be in reverse chronological order format. This means that the last experience is written at the beginning and then followed by previous experiences. Then, write down your curriculum vitae and personal information which includes:

  • contact information
  • educational experience and achievements
  • activity
  • athletic experience if needed
  • work experience
  • interests

2. Include a name and contact information that can be contacted

Your name must be written on the top of your academic resume. Make your name more visible by applying a larger font size, 14pt for example. Then, include contact information that can be contacted so that if the HRD is interested in interviewing you, you are ready.

3. Include your education

Write down the name of the school / university and when you graduated from the school / university. Also include your latest GPA and what classes you took, which are of course relevant to the job you are applying for.

4. Include organizational activities

Organizational experience is sometimes a plus point in the eyes of job recruiters. So, include the relevant details of the organizations you have participated in. Write down your position and a description of that position. Use action words and quantifiable results so that your academic resume is more attractive.

Academic Resume psd templates

5. List your athletic participation

If you participate in a sport, write down which teams you participated in, how long you participated in it, and the achievements you had while on that team.

6. Include work experience

As with educational lists, work experience should be written in reverse chronological order. This means that the list starts with your most recent work. Include your position, job description, and achievements while working at the place.

7. List your special interests

Include things that you enjoy or that make you look unique, for example: volunteer works, social media followings, projects, passions, hobbies, and languages ​​you speak.

Academic Resume psd

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Academic Resume psd templates

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