In the certain event that requires the children to not be around their parents, instead, other adults will take care of them, such as teachers, child caretaker, or any other people. To send a polite request for permission, a parent permission letter should be delivered to the parents to inform them about the details of the events and who will be responsible for their children.

4 A Parent Permission Letter

Why do you need a parent permission letter?

Here are some important reasons why you should create a parent permission letter.

  1. To ask for a polite request to the parents

Either the teachers or the adults, who are in charge of taking care of the children, should be able to provide a parent permission letter showing a polite request to allow their kids to join the school or club activities. Using a parent permission letter will be considered to be more organized and trusted.

  1. To inform detailed information about the event

Not only asking for permission, but it also includes the detailed information of the event. In the first paragraph, it will be about the basic information of the event, such as date, time, and place. The second paragraph explains what the children will do during the events. It explains clearly about what activities and the purpose of each.

  1. To ensure the child’s safety

Lastly, the parent permission letter will be a very useful document to put trust in who will be responsible for the children while they are doing the activities. In other words, at the end of the letter, it will be written about who will take responsibility in dealing with anything that might happen to the children during the events.

How to write a parent permission letter?

To write a parent permission letter, there are several parts that you should include in the letter. Take a look at the outline below to have a proper format of the parent permission letter.

  1. Opening greeting
  2. Opening introduction

It explains the place and time of the event. The purpose of the event is also clearly stated in the letter. Besides, don’t forget to tell the parents about the activities the children are involved in.

  1. The caretaker information

In the second paragraph, ensure to inform parents about the child caretaker’s contact information. Remind the parents of any liabilities dealing with their children that they might need to contact or consult with the caretaker personally.

  1. Closing

Include the finish date and time of the events and close with a proper closing greeting and signature of the chief of the event or the caretaker.

  1. Parent consent form

The parent consent form is to state the parent’s permission that they agree with the terms and conditions explained in the previous paragraphs. It consists of an agreed statement and the name of the child’s name, parent’s name, parent’s signature, and date.

Tips to write formal letter permission for parents

While writing the letter, use polite language and put as detailed information as possible. Besides, choose the caretaker properly to ensure the children’s safety. Send the letters several days before the event to give time to parents to consider it.

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