If you truthfully and greatly adore your job, even when it is certainly comfortable, there will come a mix-up that will get in your way of staying at the job and you will have to reconsider moving out to another place serving your commitment and interest. it surely is not going to be easy to bear the thought of being not part of your company anymore, but you have to do it. Utilize the resignation letter with regret.

60.Resignation Letter with Regret

What is a Resignation Letter with Regret?

A resignation letter with regret is a formal letter conveying a true feeling of sorry for resigning from a position at a company. This letter usually comes with an employee that has been in the company for a long time and has served the very best action for the sake of the company. it is necessary to leave a great impression in the letter so others will not feel ill of you moving out.

How are You going to Resign Properly?

The best option for this route is to either go with e-mails or meet the person in charge. If you look for a more polite and convenient way, talk to the person in charge in person should be good enough as you can fully express your intention and achieve direct feedback from your boss.

How do I Write a Successful Resignation Letter with Regret?

Surely you will get yourself into an emotional state, but you have to endure the pain and stay vigilant in writing a resignation letter with regret. Follow the below list of tips to help you out writing the letter.

  • Attention to grammar and spelling
  • Keep it neat and concise
  • State your reason If desired
  • Express your expression of regret

The Sample of a Resignation Letter with Regret

You will have to be prepared with anything when it comes to writing a resignation letter with regret. Observing an example online is not a bad decision. Have a look at the below sample to visualize the know-how.

Dear Mr. Jonathan

It is with great regret that I formally inform you that I am resigning from my position as a customer service at Pediashop effective immediately on April 13th, 2020. I am truly sorry for this sudden notice and it comes to my unexpected warning that I have to go home and taking care of my mother who is now suffering a severe illness. It has been a wonderful experience working for your company and you have benefited me really well for my career growth.

I will, however, be responsible for announcing my co-workers about my resignation. Also, I would want to be supportive in looking for my replacement should that be good enough for you.

If there is still a question to ask, you can reach out to me at 109304958 so that we can have a more thorough discussion about this.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Sincerely Yours


Norman Peter


By looking at the above sample, you should get yourself needing for immediate writing of the resignation letter.

Writing a resignation letter with regret should serve your intention in leaving an honest way of fully expressing your gratitude and regret to your company.

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