If you have got some time to spare, being involved in an organization or a company should sparkle your interest. Not only you will gain many experiences and a great challenge, but also you grow to be someone who can set the path for your development in the future, especially when it comes to a career. As long as the volunteer program suits your skills and abilities, it will not pose a trivial matter for you. Surely, it will exhaust you that you will get demented on how to manage your time management. This might be a good time to write your volunteer resignation letter.

59.Volunteer Resignation

What is a Volunteer Resignation?

A volunteer resignation is a voluntary letter referred to a resignation desired by a volunteer when they work at an organization or a company. The letter comes from the volunteer’s full consciousness and their own will. Turning to this resort means that you should leave a good impression first beforehand and convey that it has been a good run with the company you volunteer with.

Which One is Better, Resigned or Fired?

In the eyes of the HR department, a volunteer resignation is principally a better option to give an employee an opportunity to resign rather than being fired. Furthermore, some people see it as rather effective to resign so that when you move to another company, you only explain the reason you leave the former company and not how you are fired.

How do Write a Compelling Volunteer Resignation Letter?

When writing a letter in a business-like format, you should keep it concise and on-point. In this case, there is no need for a lengthy paragraph of words. Look at the below tips to write a proper resignation letter.

  • Keep it short and detail-oriented
  • Provide a suggestion for the replacement if you’d like
  • Enlist your reason for leaving
  • Do not get emotional in the writing

The Sample of a Volunteer Resignation Letter

Hopefully, you will not get into disarray as you try to write your volunteer resignation letter. If you would like some input, you could have a look at the following sample to get you started.

Dear Head of Human Resource Department,

It is saddening to say that, with this letter, I am resigning from my volunteer work at the Meilo Company. I am recently offered a spectacular opportunity to ensure my goal career at another company for a full-time job. Furthermore, I could no longer manage my time management as I am amid my family conflict that needs to be handled properly. By the 15th of April 2020, I would want this letter to be my 2 week-notice effective immediately.

If there are some questions left unanswered, you can reach out to me at 1039485. I could still, however, take some hours of the volunteer program should there is an advanced notice beforehand.

I am truly sorry for the inconvenience this resignation may have left. It is without question that I have been gifted with exemplary experience working for this company since the day I started my volunteer program. I hope for the best of your company, and we get to cross paths later on.

Thank you for your time

Sincerely Yours,                                                                                           


Adam Smith


After reading the above example, you should find it convenient for you to use to get started on the resignation letter.

A volunteer resignation letter will have to be more than enough to leave your good impression at your former company.


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