Knowledge has no limit. If continuing to a higher degree answer your curiosity, you should go for it. It is not very frequently that we see people aim for the next degree. Most of them could be ending their journey at a bachelor’s degree, for a while and decide to make a career. Of course, the luxury to continue education is a chance in a lifetime. To increase the odds, you should write your graduate school application persuasively and marvellously to guarantee your place.

58.Graduate School Application

What is a Graduate School Application?

A graduate school application is a form of writing that you need to fulfill as a requirement in the process of admission to continue your master’s degree. The content of the application is basically about the reason why you choose a specific study, what motivates you in pursuing your master’s degree, and your contribution to society.

What are the tips in Ending Your Statement in The Application?

By the end of the line of the graduate school application, you should sum up a clear narrative on how you are the most eligible choice for continuing your study. Amplify the most unique traits that you have, motivation for the study, and the plan when you graduate from the program.

How do I Write a Compelling Graduate School Letter?

For research purposes, you should try to look for an example of the letter sample so that you will not lose your way in writing the graduate school application. Have a peek at the below list of tips to help you out.

  • State your name and address the letter to the head of the program
  • Deliver your excitement for studying
  • Add your reason for pursuing the degree
  • Include any reference if there are any.

The Sample of Graduate School Application Letter

Understanding the layout and structure of the letter should help you ready in writing your application. Try to improve the below example and make it your own version.

Dear Mr. Morgan

My name is John Polanski and I am captivated by the idea that I can pursue my Master’s degree in forensic linguistic at the University of Diponegoro. Before, my fixed choice on the study program, I took a tour of the university websites and saw that forensic linguistic was in line with my background as a bachelor of English Literature with a minor in linguistic.  Under several findings of my lecturer, they advised me to go for the forensic linguistic.

I have graduated from my Faculty of Humanities, and plan to pursue a forensic linguistic program as my next destination. To support this dream, a year ago, I was enrolled in an internship at the Police Investigation Team in Jakarta as a linguist expert. The job was to analyze the accent, language, and tone of the particular suspected suspect so that we can pinpoint their origin. I did the job marvelously and the head officerof the investigation team was satisfied with my work.

Besides, I am also quite active in the English community in Jakarta. The community serves as media to support society’s foreign language skills. We practice English a lot and keep improving our lexical resources every day.

I am attaching my related documentation to support my eligibility for the study program. Next week, I have a plan to visit your university. I would appreciate it If I could have a little bit of your time to discuss my application.

Thank you for your time

Sincerely Yours,

John Polanski.


Those are important detail you should keep in mind whenever you want to write the letter.

If by any chance, you want to obtain a Master’s degree, a graduate school application should prove itself to be convenient for you to use.

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