Each employee is entitled to a little time off from work so he can go on vacation or take care of personal matters. However, as a professional, it will be an expected and polite habit when you have to write a formal vacation leave letter to your boss when asking for leave. When you take the time to compile and write a well-written letter to your supervisor a few weeks before your planned vacation, they will notice and appreciate your professionalism and efficiency and will likely be able to approve your proposed vacation leave.

Artikel 45. Vacation Leave Letter

How to write a vacation leave letter

First paragraph

Explain the reason for writing this letter and include the period of your vacation time, besides that you must also remember for the reason it must be very clear and indicate the date you will leave and the date you report back to work.

Second paragraph

Name the employee who would take over from your responsibilities while you were away and explain how you have performed and completed all unfinished work.

Third paragraph

Show your words and gratitude to your supervisor or human resources and provide your phone number.

Things to remember are If your immediate supervisor has approved your request, remember to attach their approval letter and state their authorization.

What are the formats and contents of a vacation leave letter?

The correct format for vacation leave should include your address and the recipient’s Human Resources department.

Sample Vacation Leave Letter

This is an example of a vacation leave letter written by an old employee who has already saved up vacation days to make a long trip with his family. He made sure to send the letter in plenty of time so that the required documents could be completed. He reminded his superiors about his long work and gave the correct dates for his departure and return and by writing formally incorrect grammar.

Example of a vacation leave letter

Dear Mr. Antonio,

I am writing this letter formally to request my previous vacation leave. I would like to take my vacation time from January 1 to January 7 2020 to travel on vacation with my family. I think you will find that I don’t have enough days off this year and to prevent me from being absent from work all this time and always trying to behave properly and professionally in the office. I plan to be able to finish all work that is currently unfinished between now and December 21st and send all remaining work via email. I feel very confident that the rest of the team will be able to carry on a good job during my absence. If you have any questions or important issues related to work, then you can contact me by email and as long as I go on [email] and will answer when the time and internet connection is available to me.

If any clarification or follow-up from me is needed in this matter, then do not hesitate to always contact me by email at the address provided above, or by telephone at (222) -222-2222. I will look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your consideration.



William Alexander

Assistant manager

Rocky Communications




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