All the human resources will significantly influence the stability of a company’s performance in it. They need to be really compact and synergistic to create a stable work culture. Sometimes, there are a small number of employees who are spoiling at work, not even explaining anything why he didn’t come in and didn’t do his responsibilities, and it’s called by “No call No show”. Dismissing employment contracts to these employees using a no call no show termination letter is the best way to save a great company.

34. Warn Policy Violators with No Call No Show Termination Letter

Is a no call no show quitting?

A job waiver can occur when a person ignores various assigned tasks and does not give news of what is going on. It could mean that he’s out of his job. The use of no call no show termination letter must be sent for employees who commit such violations.

How do you write a no call no termination letter?

In writing a no call no show termination letter, there are several components that you should pay attention to make it easier for the reader to understand its contents. You can mention the day and date of a clear violation, the reason for the violation, and other vital issues of a crucial nature.

Sample letter that you can use

Here is an example of a no call no show termination letter that you can use for the benefit of the company. You can adjust to existing backgrounds and conditions.

Dear Angelita

Through this letter, we as the company’s management of the company want to inform that you have failed to report your duties, responsibilities, and work on the scheduled deadline of January 20, 2020. You also do not call and let you know to explain all the problems faced due to your absence. We have also called the number listed on our employee database, but unfortunately, the number could not be contacted in many experiments. Thus, after an in-depth decision, we determine that you are elected to resign from the company ABC Inc. as financial staff. The employment agreement to our company has been terminated effective on February 1, 2020.

As you already know together, the effectiveness of the company in achieving the company’s objectives will depend heavily on the seriousness of its employees in carrying out their duties and mandates, so that the company’s performance will be increased. Indeed, it all takes seriousness and compactness to achieve it all, and you underestimate the critical points above.

After submitting this letter, we as the management of the company will send an email that will explain the final paycheck, the return of the company’s assets, and other essential matters as for all the prerequisites that are still needed more you can check in your email.

If you have sufficient reason to prevent your violation or have any questions to ask, then immediately contact the human resources manager representative at (000)-000-000-0000. Thanks a lot!


Best Regards

John S. Mark, PhD.


Those are some brief explanations on how to make a no call no show termination letter along with easy examples. Use this letter to crack down firmly on employees who commit serious violations.

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